Car Driver Injury Claim Process

Car Driver Injury Claim Process: What is the UK claims process when a collision occurred which was not my fault?

Car driver injury claim process UK: I was driving along a road on which I had right of way (no give ways or stop signs) when a car came out of a crossroads hitting the back driver’s side of my vehicle causing my car to be forced against the pavement.

car driver injury claim process

Car Driver Injury Claim Process

My car was written off and I suffered back and neck problems. The driver of the other vehicle claimed that I was speeding and that this is why she had hit me.

This is not true – in any event the road I was travelling along had traffic calming measures imposed and the other driver would have had restricted vision along my road due to cars being parked close to the junction she came out of drastically reducing her ability to assess my speed in any event.

I believe she is trying to wriggle out of her responsibility for the collision.

I informed the police who attended at the scene and indicated it was clear the other driver was at fault. Despite this she is rigorously denying legal liability.

I have not contacted a specialist solicitor as I am concerned that is her word against mine and I have heard in such instances that the claim could end up as a 50/50 claim.

Car Accident Solicitor Response: The facts of your accident seem quite straight forward as should the car driver injury claim process in the UK to establish that the other driver was at fault in the eyes of the law.

1. The first step in the UK car driver injury claim process is to obtain the police accident report

As the police attended – a police report should have been completed which will have all the evidence you need including skid mark measurement, impact damage diagrams and statements.

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2. Accident reconstruction engineers report in car accident and whiplash claims

It is all too common that a driver will attempt to deny liability for a collision, but I personally do not advocate 50:50 settlements and in all my career I have never settled car accident compensation claims in this way.

A good car accident claim UK solicitor should be able to prove who is at fault for your accident.

If the police report cannot fully establish who was at fault – an accident reconstruction engineer’s report certainly could. This expert will look at the vehicle damage – position and extent of the damage – combined with information in the police report and an inspection of the accident scene including the points you have raised about traffic calming measures and line of sight.  With this information he can calculate exactly how the collision occurred and at what speeds.

3. The power of using a UK road traffic accident claims solicitor to hurry along the car driver injury claim process

Until a road traffic accident claims solicitor is instructed your claim will only be dealt with by non-qualified insurance representatives.  Once you involve a specialist solicitor your claim will be taken more seriously and from the information you have supplied it would not surprise me if liability is quickly accepted.

I recommend you choose a specialist RTA solicitor – you need someone to have the know how to fight your corner if legal responsibility is disputed and who can ensure you receive the maximum amount of compensation for your injuries.

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4. Funding your legal costs of the car driver injury claim process

From the description of your injuries it seems that your claim is worth well over £1,000 and as such your legal costs can be included as part of your claim.

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5. Speak to me direct or have another specialist car driver injury claim solicitor contact you free of charge

I will be happy to call you to discuss your claim in person or have another specialist RTA solicitor contact you – simply click car accident claims solicitor to make use of my website’s free online services.