Road Accident Claim UK: What should I do to win my road traffic accident compensation claim if a driver fails to stop and I only have his registration number?

Road accident claim UK: I was driving in my car along a main road when another vehicle came out of a side road and collided with my vehicle. The driver failed to stop so I caught up with him and took his registration number. He refused to give any other details.

road accident claim uk

Road Accident Claim UK

I reported the matter to the police, but as I have the registration number and the other driver stopped for a moment I was told the RTA cannot be classed as a hit and run.

I reported it to my motor insurance company – the driver responsible did not respond for 2 months, but eventually alleged the collision was my fault.

To win your road accident claim UK is relatively straight forward. I recommend you follow the procedure below:

1. Consider the answer I have provided to an earlier site visitor about proving a road accident claim UK

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2. Have your motor vehicle insurer check the identity of the driver

From the facts you have described of the accident events – suspicion is created in my mind. Was the driver actually insured and is the person who is denying your claim the driver at the time of the accident.

It is quite possible that the driver of the vehicle who caused the collision damage to your car may not have been insured – his actions are very suspicious. It might be that when your insurer has traced the owner of the other vehicle that owner is representing that he was driving at the time of the accident when in actual fact he was not.

Your insurer should be asked to investigate the identity of the driver and an explanation of his actions.

3. Did you suffer personal injury as part of your road accident claim UK?

If you did have an injury which is worth over £1,000 – I would recommend you use a road traffic accident claims solicitor to help you prove your claim. You can fund your claim using a no win no fee agreement under which you will not have to pay any costs up front. If your claim is successful your solicitor can claim his legal costs from the insurer of the driver at fault.

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4. If your road accident claim UK is for vehicle damage only there is still a way to get free legal assistance with your claim

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