RTA Compensation Claim: Can my compensation claim for personal injury in a car accident be disputed?

rta car accident compensation claim

RTA Car Accident Compensation Claim

RTA compensation claim: I recently had an accident as a car driver – I was stopped at a red light with one car ahead of me. It had been raining and I heard a screech of a vehicle’s tyres skidding somewhere behind me and my 4 by 4 vehicle, weighing approximately one and a half tons, was rear ended and pushed into the car ahead of me.

My car was badly damaged in the collision and the car in front was almost totally crushed.

The police attended at the scene and the driver of the vehicle who caused the collision explained that his brakes had failed.

I suffered back injury and had an MRI scan showing I have three bulging disks in my thoracic spine. I have also suffered psychological injury for which I am receiving therapy.

The speed limit was 40 mph and the garage that repaired my car tells me from the damage caused the collision must have occurred at a speed of at least 25mph.

Can an expert try and say that I did not sustain substantial injury based on the facts noted above? I have good pictures of my dented bumper.

Your RTA claim for car accident injury compensation seems quite straight forward from the detailed description you have supplied.

To decide whether an expert can dispute your RTA personal injury claim you must consider the following:

1. The evidence in the police accident report should support your claim for car accident injury compensation

The police attended at your road traffic accident and as the collision involved personal injury a police accident report should have been prepared. This will contain all the evidence necessary to prove your claim – including sketches of the vehicle damage and points of impact, photographs of skid marks, driver and witness statements.

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2. Can an expert engineer provide evidence to dispute your RTA compensation claim?

It is unlikely an expert engineer can dispute the manner of the accident. When large vehicles are involved – collisions even at much slower speeds than you describe can cause significant damage and injury.

In any event the evidence in the police report will be clear that the collision happened as you describe.

3. A medical report will be necessary to prove your car accident injury claim in the UK

A consultant orthopaedic medical report will be necessary to prove your injuries followed from your UK road traffic accident. The report will be based upon a physical examination and consultation and an analysis of your GP records, hospital notes and scans.

So long as you had no problems with your back prior to the accident it is likely that your injury will be wholly attributable to your accident. Even with previous back problems – a worsening or acceleration of symptoms is likely to have been caused in the collision.

4. Take care in choosing a UK specialist road traffic accident claims solicitor

You must take care in the solicitor you choose to make your claim, as even apparently straight forward claims can have complications, which will need expertise to solve. By choosing the correct specialist RTA solicitor you will ensure that your compensation is maximised and your claim concluded much faster.

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5. Have a specialist RTA solicitor contact you free of charge to make your claim for car accident injury compensation in the United Kingdom

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