Motor Accident Claim: Can your provide specialist solicitor free online legal advice with my road traffic accident UK compensation claim?

Motor accident claim: my vehicle was parked on the road in front of my house when a car driving along the road normally was hit from the side by another car pushing it into my vehicle. My house fronts a T-junction and a car did not stop colliding with the other car and pushing the other vehicle into my car.

The car that caused the accident cannot be traced, but I have the details of the car that was pushed into mine.

As I was not in the car at the time I have suffered no injuries so I am just wishing to make a motor accident claim for compensation for my vehicle damage which was considerable.

I have been informed by my motor insurance company that I cannot claim against the car that was pushed into my vehicle, but I have heard of rear end shunt claims were a chain of vehicles was involved were more than one driver of a vehicle was included in the motor accident claim.

As I am insured I am relying on my insurers to pay the legal costs of my claim but I wonder if you can provide me with a solicitor’s free online opinion as to whether you agree with my motor insurers approach.

Motor Accident Claim Solicitor Response:

motor accident claim

Motor Accident Claim

To decide which driver to make your motor accident claim against you should follow the following process:

1. Was your car parked legally in accordance with the Highway Code?

It is worth checking the road markings at a T-junction – both in the centre and at the side of the road to ensure you were legally allowed to park your car in that position. At some dangerous junctions cars are not permitted to be parked.

Click highway code to view an online version of the highway code.

2. How did the car that caused your damage collide with your vehicle?

To certain degree in road traffic accidents common sense is applied to determine who was at fault for the accident. It seems clear that the driver of the car that first caused the collision was negligent, but this does not mean that the other vehicle driver was blameless.

Click car accident claim to read the page I have written explaining how legal liability or fault is determined in motor traffic accident.

Legal responsibility could attach to the other driver if, for example, he was travelling over the speed limit when the first collision occurred such that the driver could not stop in time before hitting the rear of your vehicle.

If the second driver was effectively pushed side on into your vehicle it is unlikely that any legal liability could attach to that driver.

To determine exactly how the accident happened – the police report of the accident scene could be examined which should reveal from the lengths of the skid marks the relative speeds at the time of the collision and from an examination of the vehicles the points of impact.

Click motorcycle accident claim to see the page I have written explaining how to show how a rta happened including use of a police report.

3. Make sure your motor insurer considers claiming from the Motor Insurers Bureau

Where the driver causes a road accident is untraced or uninsured a claim can be made from the MIB for compensation and damages.

Click accident car insurance to read the article I have written explaining how claims can be made from the Motor Insurers Bureau.

4. Motor accident claim free online solicitor legal help and assistance

My website offers various different forms of free online legal help with a motor accident claim or any other personal injury compensation claims.

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