Motor Accident Injury: UK solicitor sets out how much compensation you can claim for multiple RTA injuries following a car crash or other vehicle accident

Motor accident injury: Find out in a question and answer session with an accident victim how to know how much compensation you can claim for a motor accident injury including: fractured ribs, torn tendons and ligaments, whiplash neck injury, lower back pain, scarring, psychological injury / PTSD.

Motor accident Injury victim question

My and partner and I were pushing a car in Birmingham close to Edgbaston as the car battery had gone flat when a man in a Ford Fiesta hit us from behind, with no attempt to brake, crushing my boyfriend and throwing me over the bonnet.

Accident happened around 10 pm at night, the roads were well lit and we had our hazards on in the car. Also the man driving the Fiesta, failed to take his medication for diabetes before getting into his vehicle.

motor accident injury

Motor Accident Injury

Due to my partner being dragged 30 yards underneath the Fiesta, he was unconscious for around 5 minutes, has a scar now, down the left hand side of his face, the knuckle on his hand is out of place, he suffers sever whiplash to his neck, damaged muscles to the back of his legs, damaged tendons and ligaments and depression.

I received a fractured rib, neck pain and lower back pain.

The police and ambulance attended at the scene and we understand the driver is being prosecuted.

Can we claim compensation and if so how much can we claim?

Motor accident injury solicitor response

There are two distinct parts to your question so I shall answer each part in turn:

Do you have a claim for compensation for your motor accident injury?

From the description of the road traffic accident that both you and your boyfriend were involved in it seems quite clear that the responsibility for the accident and fault will lie with the driver of the Ford fiesta. Albeit you would have been moving slowly on the road it is a requirement of all drivers to heed other vehicles on the road at whatever speed and to drive accordingly. The fact that he collided with you is clear that he was not paying proper attention.

Drivers who have conditions such as diabetes and don’t take their medication can sometimes be acting in a state of automatism, which in essence means that they do not have true mental control over what they are doing. In any event as far as liability is concerned it seems clear the motor accident injury that both you and your partner suffered was the responsibility of the Fiesta driver, which is borne out by the fact that the police are prosecuting.

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How is the amount of compensation calculated for a motor accident injury?

So far as to how much compensation both you and your partner can claim it is very early days to accurately estimate. Clearly, both of your claims will run in to several thousands of pounds, but how large each claim is cannot be determined until expert medical evidence has been acquired.

It is not advisable, given the serious nature of your injuries, to obtain this medical evidence for a minimum of three months following the accident and more realistically sixth months following the accident. At this stage a medical expert will be able to comment properly as to the symptoms that have already been suffered and how fast both you and your partner are recovering. The medical expert will thereafter be able to give a more accurate prognosis, which will set out how you’re your symptoms are likely to last in to the future.

It is noteworthy that the types of injuries you both have suffered will most likely require expert reports from specialist in different disciplines.

For example, the whiplash neck injuries, back injury, ligament injury and fractured ribs will best be described by a consultant orthopaedic surgeon whilst the scarring will best be described by a consultant plastic surgeon with psychological motor accident injury such as post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) being detailed by a consultant psychiatrist or a clinical psychologist.

In addition to compensation for the physical and psychological injuries you would also be able to claim for financial losses and expenses such as lost income (not only that already incurred but also lost income in to the future), medical expenses, travel expenses, vehicle damage, etc.

Lost income can often form the largest part of a motor accident injury claim so be aware – even if your partner is able to return to his employment after an initial recovery period any ongoing disabilities might limit his ability to find a job in the future should he lose his current job. Alternatively he may have a shorter working life compared to other individuals who have not suffered a similar accident.

In any event – it is very likely that your partner’s claim for financial losses will be quite significant.

Again, the respective medical experts will comment on any disadvantage a motor accident injury will have in relation to employment that both you and your boyfriend might have and once again a solicitor will thereafter be able to establish from that information how much the financial losses are likely to be.

Examples of motor accident injury compensation amounts

To see examples of how much compensation you can claim for fractured ribs, whiplash, lower back injury, torn ligaments and tendons, psychological injury, scarring and other injuries click accident compensation.

What should you do following your motor accident injury?

It seems clear that your injury has only just occurred and you and your partner are most likely more concerned with your medical treatment than making a claim.

However, I am very happy to speak to you free of charge at this point in time or for you to send details to me online for me to commence a claim on your behalf.

If you would like to do this please click motor accident injury and complete the online form and I will return to you as soon as possible and without obligation to discuss making a motor accident injury claim.