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Shop Injury Claims: Compensation For Common Accidents In UK Shops, Stores And Supermarkets

Discover the most common types of accident which you can suffer in a shop, supermarket or retail unit; the steps you take immediately following an accident to help you prove your shop injury claim; the duty owed by a shop keeper to keep you safe whilst on the premises and the importance of using a solicitor to make your claim.

What is a shop injury claim?

“Shop injury claims” describe claims for compensation for injuries suffered as a result of an accident in a shop, supermarket or other retail outlet accessible by the general public.

When you suffer an injury in a shop, which was legally the fault of the shop owner or business trading from the shop, you are entitled to claim compensation for the pain and suffering for your physical injury and compensation for any financial losses you incur directly as a result of the accident – such as lost income, medical expenses, travel expenses, etc.

What are the most common type of accident which give rise to successful shop injury claims?

Shop injury claims are normally involve accidents to customers, but claims can also be made when shop workers suffer injury.

The most common shop injury claims include:

1. Supermarket spillage accidents

Spillages in supermarkets are quite common – if a customer slips in a spillage and suffers injury it is quite likely the shop owner will be considered legally at fault.

This might be the case if your slip was caused by an unseen spillage from another customer and the store keeper failed to have an adequate system for cleaning spillages or the flooring surface was unsuitable for areas in which spillages occurred often.

2. Floors being mopped and cleaned

If floors are being mopped and cleaned – safety cones should used to prevent or warn customers from accessing the areas, whilst cleaning is in progress and until the area is properly dry.

Failure to do so will likely lead to you having a successful shop injury claim for compensation.

shop wet floor sign
Shop Wet Floor Sign

3. Falling objects

Items in a shop or supermarket should be properly stacked – if a customer is hit by a falling item it is likely the shop owner will found legally responsible for the errors made by his workers – this is known as vicarious liability.

4. Tripping hazards

If there is defect with the flooring, or an object has been left on the floor by a shop worker, you might be able to claim for any trip and fall injuries you suffer.

5. Bad weather causing surfaces to be slippery

Snow, ice and rain can be easily trampled into a shop. If an unsuitable surface is used in the shop, a proper cleaning system is not in place or adequate warning notices / cones are not displayed – your shop injury claim as a result of a slip will likely be successful.

6. Shop car park accidents

The majority of accidents in car parks are as a result of car accidents. If a car or other vehicle causes an accident it will be the driver of the vehicle who is likely to be found legally at fault and liable to pay compensation for your injuries.

Of course, the car park surface should be properly maintained by the owner. If a pothole exists which causes you to trip and fall – you are quite likely to succeed in a claim for compensation from the supermarket owner.

7. Worker injuries in shops

If you are employed in shop and you suffer injury due to the fault of your employer you will be entitled to make a claim. This might be as a result of a defective system of work or improper manual handling training.

See our accident at work article to discover how to claim compensation from your employer for an injury at work.

8. Shopping arcades

Shopping arcades tend to be owned by large businesses or city councils – such as the Arndale Centre or the Trafford Centre in Manchester. If you are injured outside a shop, but within the shopping centre – it is quite likely you will be entitled to claim compensation.

See our shopping centre / arcade accident article for more specific details

What should you do immediately if you are injured in a shop?

There are a number of steps immediately following an accident, which will help you prove your shop injury claim should you decide to make one:

1. Ensure your accident and injuries are properly recorded in the shop accident book

The most important thing you must do is report your accident immediately and ensure that your accident is properly recorded in the shop accident book. If you can – check the entry carefully as to its accuracy and sign the entry.

If your injuries are severe and you are taken to hospital immediately – at the first available opportunity return to the shop to ensure an accident book entry has been made and ask to see a copy of the entry to ensure it is accurate.

2. Attend at hospital or your GP

Your injuries should be properly treated and recorded by a medical authority immediately after your accident. Be sure to tell the doctor how you suffered your injury as this will be recorded on your medical notes.

Watch out – as part of your claim a medical expert will need to access your medical notes to support how your injury occurred.

3. Take contact details of any witnesses to your accident

If the shop attempt to dispute the accident events which led to your injury – witnesses evidence could prove vital to winning your shop injury claims

4. Keep a diary of your symptoms and a note of expenses incurred

Keep a note of all your symptoms following the accident on a day to day basis as well as a note of any expenses you incur with original receipts you may have.

This information will be used by your solicitor at a later stage to support your claim.

How do you make a shop injury claim?

A shop keeper and shop owner are considered occupiers of the shop premises. An occupier owes a duty of care to you and other members of the public to keep you safe from injury whilst on the shop premises, car park or grounds.

If you have suffered injury in a shop you should contact a specialist public liability solicitor to help you show fault of the shop owner and to claim the maximum amount of compensation you are entitled to recover.

Shop Injury Claims Summary

On this page you have seen how a shop keeper owes you a duty to ensure your safety whilst on their shop premises, either as a customer or as a worker, and how to make shop injury claims if you suffer an accident.

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