Asbestos Compensation

Asbestos Compensation Payouts Amount: How Much You Can Claim

Asbestos compensation solicitor calculates the amount of money your industrial injury claim is worth – see examples of compensation payouts you can expect to receive for lung diseases caused by asbestos exposure, including asbestosis, pleural thickening, lung cancer and mesothelioma (affecting the lung linings and linings of other organs of the body; see examples of compensation amounts for other industrial injuries with options of online free specialist solicitor help.

Table Of Asbestos Compensation Payouts In 2024

We start this article with a concise table of payout amounts for pain, suffering and loss of amenity for asbestos compensation claims settling in 2024.

Asbestos ConditionCompensation Payouts
Asbestosis / Pleural Thickening£15,000 – £106,000
Lung Cancer£70,000 – £97,500
Mesothelioma£63,500 – £114,500
Find Out How Asbestos Compensation Payouts Are Calculated
We recommend that you read on to see how the figures in the above table are calculated and find a description of the other types of additional loss you can claim.

How does your solicitor calculate the amount of compensation you can claim?

Your industrial disease solicitor is able to value pain and suffering for your occupational injury by looking at the latest asbestos compensation judicial guidance and compare your specific injury (as set out in an independent medical report) to cases decided in the past by the UK courts for similar injuries.

If a past claim was decided some years ago – your lawyer will increase the payout in line with inflation before using it to value your injury as at today’s date.

Are there any other types of loss you can claim in addition to pain and suffering?

“Yes” – in addition to an asbestos compensation payout for pain and suffering you can claim for financial loss and expense. These might include lost income, medical expenses and care and assistance in the home.

Your solicitor will calculated this loss as it relates specifically to you.

Keep A Record And Receipts To Support Your Losses
Your solicitor can only rely on the details and receipts you supply to support your losses, so keep a diary with receipts of all expenses you incur.

The asbestos compensation payout for pain and suffering depends upon the type of lung disease you experience.

As a rough guideline, in 2024, you could expect to receive the following amounts:

asbestos lung disease compensation
Asbestos Lung Disease Compensation

Asbestosis & Pleural Thickening

The amount of pleural thickening and asbestosis compensation depends on how bad your lungs are affected by the condition, but compensation payouts are normally calculated between £15,000 – £106,000.

Lung cancer is not as painful as mesothelioma, but will usually cause death. The amount of your compensation payout depends on how long and how painful the symptoms are, but it is normally worth between £70,000 – £97,500.

Mesothelioma Payouts

Mesothelioma is a very painful condition and will usually result in premature death. We have written detailed articles explaining how to calculate compensation for mesothelioma and how to claim for mesothelioma. The amount of mesothelioma compensation depends on how long the symptoms last, but your claim payout is typically between £63,500 – £114,500.

see our industrial disease claim article to find out what conditions can form part of your occupational injury claim.

Asbestos-Related Conditions That Cause Death
Many of the industrial diseases caused by asbestos fibres can result in death, but the families of the deceased can continue a compensation claim on behalf of the deceased and in certain instances be able to make a claim in their own right.

Asbestos-related diseases are one type of industrial disease, but you may also suffer from other occupational conditions – see how much you can expect to receive when you claim compensation for two other industrial diseases: industrial deafness and repetitive strain injury.

You have seen what the most common lung diseases caused by exposure to asbestos are – including asbestosis, lung cancer and mesothelioma, how your industrial injury solicitor knows the payout to claim on your behalf together with examples of claim payouts you can expect to receive for each type of asbestos-related disease.

Specialist Solicitor Free Online Help

Asbestos compensation claims are inherently complex, which is why we provide specialist solicitor free online help where you can discuss your situation with a specialist solicitor free of charge, ask a question or have your claims assessed online.