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Asbestosis Compensation Payments Calculator

We set out how asbestosis is caused; what an asbestosis compensation payment is made up of with examples of compensation payouts for minor to severe lung impairment.

Payments Table For Asbestos Compensation In 2023

We start with a quick table of the different levels of asbestosis condition and the compensation payment amounts you can expect to recover.

Watch out – we explain in more detail later in the article the different aspects that determine the severity of your asbestosis condition and how that is used to calculate the amount of compensation you can expect in a settlement.

Asbestosis SeverityLung ImpairmentPayment Amounts
MinorUp to 10%£15,000 – £32,500
Moderate10%£32,500 – £35,500
Severe10% – 50% +£35,500 – £106,000

What is an asbestosis claim?

If you are exposed for long periods to harmful dust particles or fibres in the air you can over time develop scarring of the lungs, known as fibrosis.

When the fibre you inhale is asbestos the type of fibrosis is known as asbestosis.

Should this exposure to asbestos fibres take place at work – you would likely have a claim against your employer.

An asbestosis compensation claim is a claim for payment of money to compensate you for suffering injury to your lungs from negligent asbestos exposure at work.

Watch out – exposure to asbestos can cause other serious conditions, such as mesothelioma.

How does a solicitor calculate your asbestosis compensation payment?

Your solicitor will obtain a medical report from an expert describing the extent of restriction of lung function from your asbestosis condition. This expert will no doubt rely on a number of lung scans to help diagnose your conditions and how it affects your lungs.

The medical report will contain a prognosis of what your future holds for perhaps worsening of your condition, effect on ability to work, breathlessness, mobility issues and even life expectancy.

The worse your prognosis the more your asbestosis compensation payment will likely be for pain, suffering and loss of amenity.

Your solicitor’s ultimate calculator will be judicial guidance and caselaw – payments made by the courts in the past for similar type asbestosis conditions.

In addition – you will be entitled to financial loss and expense as a direct result of your asbestosis condition.

Be Aware – if the asbestosis causes death, the family of the deceased will likely be able to continue with the claim as the representatives of the deceased’s estate. If asbestosis is the cause of death, a claim will likely still be able to be made by the family of the deceased.

Asbestos Fibres Asbestosis Compensation Claim
Asbestos Fibres

Asbestosis Compensation Claim Examples

Some examples of compensation payouts for asbestosis for a claim settling in 2023, include:

Impairment of lung function less than 10%

Asbestosis that causes respiratory difficulties up to 10% as assessed by the medical expert as part of your claim will lead to an asbestosis compensation payment of between £15,000 – £32,500.

Respiratory disability of 10%

Where you are suffering from impaired lung function from asbestos exposure your asbestosis claim will be calculated between £32,500 and £35,500.

Severe asbestosis

Where your lung function impairment is over 10% you will be looking at compensation in the lower end of the compensation bracket, higher awards will be if your asbestosis condition is progressively becoming worse, affects your mobility and life expectancy. Lung function might be far higher than 10%, and in the worst case scenarios over 50%. The asbestosis compensation payment amount you can expect is between £35,500 – £106,000.

Summary And Online Solicitor Free Help

Our asbestosis compensation payment calculator sets out how much you can claim for occupational disease from asbestos exposure.

If you or a family member is experiencing breathing difficulties as a result of asbestos exposure at work, we offer free legal help and assistance – both online and by telephone. Have your questions answered or your potential claim assessed.