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Claim Calculator For Financial Loss And Expense Due To Personal Injury

Discover the types of financial losses you can claim as a result of personal injury an accident; how a claim calculator UK determines past and future losses (using lost salary wages as an example); the evidence necessary to prove your loss with access to a specialist solicitor free online claim calculator UK tailored to your individual accident circumstances.

Remember – we have a separate pain and suffering compensation calculator, article or our examples of compensation payout amounts by body part articles, setting out in alphabetical order all the body parts you might injury with compensation calculations for each.

What are the types of financial loss and expense you can include in your personal injury claim?

There are many types of financial loss and expense, which can be included within a claim calculator UK, following an accident. Some losses might seem obvious, such as lost income and medical expenses, some not so apparent – such as care and assistance in the home provided by friends and family or travel expenses to and from your GP / hospital.

Examples – see our articles setting out a list of the types of expenses you can claim in two different types of accident – compensation for car accidents and work accident compensation

Are all financial losses the same for the purpose of a claim calculator UK?

”No” – financial losses fall into two parts – past losses and future losses.

Past financial losses and expenses claim calculator

Past losses and expenses are those expenses (things you have paid out for) and losses (sums that you would have ordinarily received) that you have already incurred up to the date of settlement of your claim)

The claim calculator for past financial losses is a calculation based on pure mathematics.

With your help – your solicitor will collate all the expenses have you incurred as a direct result of your accident and add them together to give your total past financial losses.

Remember – it is for you, as the Claimant, to prove loss – so each past financial loss should be supported by evidence.

financial loss expense claim calculator
Financial Loss And Expense Claim Calculations

Evidence to support past financial loss and expense

Examples of loss and expense might include – lost income, medical expenses, travel expenses to the hospital and GP, etc.

Medical expense

Medical expense may be supported by receipts.

Be aware – many injury victims may not keep their initial receipts for financial loss, but future receipts can often support the absence of earlier receipts (as this can support a consistent expense).

Lost income

Lost wages (should you be employed) – can be supported by 13 weeks of payslips prior to your accident showing an average net income (pay after tax and national insurance) compared to your payslips following the accident showing a reduction in income. Alternatively – a letter from your employer verifying your average earnings prior to the accident together with a confirmation of your absence and reduced income might suffice.

Watch out – to claim lost income it will often be necessary for a medical expert to verify that your absence from work was reasonable given the injuries you had sustained.


Interest can only be charged as part of a claim calculator UK for past losses and expenses if your solicitor has issued your claim at court. A settlement prior to the involvement of the court – will usually not allow your solicitor to charge interest.

Future financial losses and expenses claim calculator

Future losses and expenses are those financial losses you have yet to incur, but are likely to incur due to the fact you are not yet recovered from your injury.

A claim calculator for future losses is not quite so simple as past losses.

Future lost income

Taking lost income as an example – how can you prove how much time you will need to have off into the future?

The only way to prove future absence from work is to rely on medical expert evidence.

Imagine you suffered severe neck injury in a road traffic accident or a broken leg in a work accident resulting in absence from work. As your claim approaches settlement you are still absent from work as you are still recovering from your injuries.

First of all a medical expert instructed by your solicitor would need to verify that given your injuries and the nature of your work – continued absence is reasonable.

In addition, the medical expert would have to provide in a prognosis an estimate of how long it is likely for you to recover sufficiently to go back to work.

Remember – the medical expert is not all seeing, so in essence this is an educated guess – but it is a guess that the court can rely on.

If you were assessed as being able to go back to work, but with limited symptoms with your injury still present you could suffer what is known as a “disadvantage on the open labour market” as should you lose your job you might be less able to find another job compared to an individual with no symptoms.

As part of a claim calculator UK – future financial losses would have to be discounted for early payment.

Example – imagine you were unable to work for another 10 years when your claim settles. You would not receive ten times your net annual salary as you could invest this money and make money. Instead it is likely you will receive in the region of 6 – 7 years of your annual salary for early payment of a lump sum.

See our salary compensation article – for further details about calculating lost pay as a result of an accident.

Specialist Solicitor Free Help

There is no substitute for a solicitor when it comes to a calculating your compensation payout.

Using the automated online claim calculators are both highly misleading and highly inaccurate.

See our specialist solicitor online and telephone free help options. You call direct to a solicitor, arrange a callback, ask an online question.

Sometimes you simply need to discuss the circumstances of your accident to know what to do next and how your compensation will be calculated.