Scarring Claims Solicitor

Scarring Claims Solicitor: The amounts of compensation you can claim for scarring to your body in a UK accident

Scarring claims solicitor: Using the example of a work accident injury – you will discover how your solicitor determines the amount of average compensation payouts you can claim for a scar to your body with examples of compensation amounts for various different bodily scars and burns.

Do scars to your body attract different amounts of compensation than that of scars to your face?

“Yes” as scars to your face are more visible they attract more compensation. Click facial scarring compensation to see the page I have written describing how much compensation you can claim for facial scars and disfigurement.

This page describes the amount of compensation you can receive for scarring to other parts of the body including: your arms, legs, feet, toes, hands, fingers, back, shoulders, stomach, etc.

Work accident scar victim question

“I was injured in a grinder machine accident at work – could you give me an estimated compensation payout from my employer for a 15 cm scar on my left calf plus loss of feeling from the scar down left leg.

These injuries resulted from an accident with a 4 1/2 inch grinder with no guards or kill switches.

The company involved have admitted full liability and I am simply waiting for my medical report – a simple estimate would be fine.”

Scarring claims solicitor response

To assess the amount of compensation you can expect to receive from your employer for your grinder machine accident depends on several factors:

scarring claims solicitor

Scarring Claims Solicitor

1. Medical report describing your scarring and physical injuries

A medical report from a consultant plastic surgeon is the most critical piece of information to calculate how much compensation you can claim. This report will describe the extent of your injuries and give a prognosis as to the likely future symptoms you may suffer.

If there is loss of feeling then I presume another expert report is being obtained in this regard?

2. Your psychological reaction to your workplace scarring should be properly assessed

Injury caused by work machinery, such as a grinder, can be traumatic as can coming to terms with the scarring caused. Both can lead to psychological injury which will have a significant impact on the level of compensation you can claim. It is therefore important any psychological injury you suffer is detailed as part of your claim.

3. Financial losses should be included in your accident at work compensation claim

Your overall compensation claim should be worth much more than just the value of your physical injuries – you will likely have other losses including financial losses. For example – you may have had time off work due to the accident or may be disadvantaged if you were to look for future employment.

Click accident at work compensation to see the types of financial loss you can claim as part of your workplace compensation

4. It is critical you have a specialist accident at work scarring claims solicitor acting on your behalf

I am presuming that you already have an accident claim solicitor acting for you – this is critical even if legal liability is accepted in full by your employer. Remember – your employer will pay the majority of your legal costs in pursuing your compensation claim, as it is worth well over £1,000.

If you don’t have a solicitor acting – I would recommend you contact a specialist lawyer before you settle your claim.

Click scarring claims solicitor to see the legal help my site can provide free of charge including speaking to me free of charge.

5. The amount of compensation for a 15 cm scar on your calf

For just the scar itself, I would estimate an average compensation payout of £4,000 – £8,000 in 2008 (the time of asking this question).

Up to date examples of the amounts of compensation you can claim for bodily scarring injuries to a man (the amount women can claim is larger)

Below I set out the average claim payouts for scars to your body (legs, chest, hands, arms, stomach, back etc) if your accident claim concludes in 2018:

1. Minor scarring average claim payouts

A single scar which is visible or several small scars, which are not too noticeable leads to average compensation payouts between: £1,500 – £7,500

2. Noticeable scarring compensation amounts

A large noticeable scar to your back, legs, chest or arm leads to an average payout calculator between: £7,500 – £25,000

3. Scarring caused by burns

If your scar is caused in burning accident, whether from heat or chemicals, the amounts of compensation you will receive should be calculated at a higher amount than the examples given above. Burns not only create a cosmetic effect of scarring but there is also likely to be ongoing pain from your skin and tissues involved in the burn.

Scarring claims solicitor summary

On this page you have seen examples of how much average compensation payouts your scarring claims solicitor will calculate for scarring to your body.

I recommend you:

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