Netherlands car accident claim

Netherlands Car Accident: Claim Compensation For RTA In Holland From The UK

European RTA solicitor explains how to claim compensation in the UK for a road traffic accident in the Netherlands

Car Accident Victim Netherlands Question

I was on holiday with my wife and two children in the Netherlands.

Netherlands car accident claim

Netherlands Car Accident Claim

We hired a car from the airport in Amsterdam and a couple of days later I was stopped at a set of traffic lights with my wife as a front seat passenger and my two children in the back of the car when another car hit with force from behind.

The through my vehicle into the car in front.

The police attended and an ambulance was called. At the scene the other driver accepted responsibility for the crash

I suffered whiplash and a fractured right hand. My wife suffered whiplash and lower back pain.

My two children suffered back pain. My son also broke his foot and my daughter injured her hip.

We are now back in England and still suffering symptoms – are we able to claim compensation from the UK for our RTA in Holland?

European Car Accident Solicitor Response

As the Netherlands is an European Union country there are reciprocal agreements of insurance companies which allow a UK citizen who has a road accident in the Netherlands or Holland to commence a claim in England or another country of the UK.

It is therefore possible for you to make a claim for all the injuries you have described from the UK – including whiplash, back injuries, hand injuries, a broken foot and hip injuries.

Commencing a claim in the UK for a Netherlands car accident

This type of a Dutch road accident claim requires specific expertise and there are very few solicitors who can help with such a claim.

If you would like to proceed with a claim online or to speak with me in person to discuss any questions you might have about your car accident in Holland click road traffic accident Netherlands.