Can my wife make a mobility car accident compensation claim in the UK?

Mobility car accident compensation claim: My wife was driving our mobility car earlier this year when she was injured in a road accident at some traffic lights. The police visited her in hospital and suggested she attend a driver improvement course.  She agreed to this, but we have been informed that she will not be compensated for her injuries by the insurers because the police are holding her responsible for the accident.

car accident compensation lawyer

Car Accident Compensation Lawyer

I am concerned that she has been found guilty by agreeing to this course, and she would have been better off going to court, she would have had nothing to lose, she will have to pay £170 for this course.

The reason for her attending this course was not to have 3 points on her licence, but we feel that this has denied her of damages for her injuries, which she still is suffering from.

Car Accident Solicitor Response: You have kindly provided me with quite a lot of detail concerning your wife’s mobility car accident, but for me to answer your question properly I need specific details about the accident itself, including:

More details about the mobility car accident

For example, you mentioned your wife was injured, but was anyone else involved in the accident? Were they injured?  What did the police have to say about their part in the accident? Whose insurers are you referring to – the other driver’s, your wife’s?

The car accident driving offence that was alleged by the police

You have mentioned that only 3 points was threatened to be added to your wife’s licence – so I suspect whatever the police allege she has done was very minor in any event and her accident could have still been caused by someone else’s error or even a vehicle failure.

UK motor vehicle insurance companies’ reluctance to pay compensation

An insurance company will attempt to find any reason not to pay compensation – but with the correct legal advice a compensation claim can still be successful.

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