Holiday Accidents Abroad: UK Resident Claims For Compensation For Injury Whilst Overseas

In our holiday accidents abroad claims process overview we set out a list of different types of overseas accidents with a link to our article explaining – how to claim compensation; whether that claim can be traced to the UK courts; if not how to make a holiday accident abroad claim in a foreign country; how to fund your solicitor’s costs or locate an English speaking lawyer abroad.

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Terminology used in holiday accidents abroad claims

UK citizens / residents abroad

Travel related compensation and accident claim terms are described on this page. You will find understanding terms helpful when you are considering a compensation claim for a travel related accident or loss.

Types of overseas holidays

Package Holiday Claims

Discover how to claim compensation for accidents in the UK and abroad, which are considered part of a package holiday. Includes – how to claim if you book your holiday from another EU country.

Independent Travel Overseas Accidents

How to know which country to start your claim in as an independent traveler – whether you have a car accident whilst driving abroad or suffer food poisoning from a restaurant. How to have a compensation lawyer from a foreign country contact you to discuss your claim.

Overseas Holiday Injury Claim

Types of overseas accidents

Aircraft Accident

Click on this link to find how to decide who is responsible for personal injury or other losses suffered in an accident whilst travelling on an aircraft to or from your holiday destination.

Flight Delay Compensation

Find out the rights international law provides to UK citizens when a flight delay or baggage delay or loss is seen to occur.

Criminal Injuries Overseas

How to claim compensation for criminal injuries in a foreign country.

Road Traffic Accident Europe

How to claim compensation in the UK for a European road traffic accident.

Bulgaria Road Accident

Find when you can claim in the UK for injury in a Bulgarian motor vehicle accident.

Czech Republic Road Accident Claim

How to make a claim from the UK following a RTA in the Czech Republic.

Road Accident Poland

Find out when you can claim in the countries that make up the United Kingdom for injury in a Polish road traffic accident

Finding a solicitor who can claim compensation for your overseas injury

Overseas Injury Lawyer

Find out when you can use an accident solicitor in the UK and when you can use a lawyer overseas to claim compensation for all manner of accidents overseas. Includes help finding an overseas English speaking lawyer.

Use your travel insurance legal expenses cover to fund a lawyer to help you claim compensation for personal injury experienced whilst on holiday. Your travel insurance will often cover your claim whether you holiday was overseas or in the UK.

Holiday Accidents Abroad Summary And Next Steps

You have found out about all the accidents that you are likely to suffer abroad, whether you can claim compensation in the UK or overseas and how to seek free legal help in the UK with your holiday accident or accident abroad claim.

We recommend you see our UK citizens abroad article to learn the terms that you might come across when claiming compensation for injury in an holiday accident abroad.

Specialist Solicitor Free Help

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