UK Citizens Abroad

UK Citizens Abroad: The British organizations essential to accident victims overseas who are considering making a claim for compensation

UK citizens abroad: whether you are on holiday, travelling independently or living and working abroad – the terminology on this page will provide a useful reference source for all the pages I have written describing how to claim compensation for a travel related accident or loss if you are a uk citizen abroad.

UK citizens abroad

UK Citizens Abroad

Key phrases and abbreviations helpful to UK citizens abroad

1. ABTA – Association Of British Travel Agents

ABTA is a travel association that represents the interests of both travel agents and tour operators in the United Kingdom. The majority of holidays, package or independent travel, are organised through ABTA members.

Click ABTA to go to the Association Of British Travel Agents website.

2. FTO – Federation Of Tour Operators

The FTO is made up of large tour operators who seek to discuss and influence government on matters, such as Health and Safety.

Click FTO to view the Federation Of Tour Operators website

3. AITO – Association Of Tour Operators

AITO consists of the independent tour operators who are not members of ABTA – usually the smaller specialist tour operators.

Click AITO to go to the Association Of Tour Operators

4. CPT – Confederation Of Passenger Transport

The CPT represents the interests of coach tour and passenger transport operators

Click CPT to view the Confederation of Passenger Transport website

5. BCH – Bonded Coach Holidays

The BCH refers to CPT members who have joined the BCH travel protection scheme, which will compensate you for the monies you have paid in the event of problems with your holiday.

Click BCH to go to the Bonded Coach Holidays website

6. PSA – Passenger Shipping Association

The PSA represents the interests of cruise operators

Click cruise experts to go to the Passenger Shipping Association website

7. CAA – Civil Aviation Authority

The CAA is the UK’s independent authority which regulates transport by air in the United Kingdom.

Click CAA to view the Civil Aviation Authority website

8. ATOL – Air Travel Organiser’s Licence

The CAA requires UK tour operators selling package holidays which include some form or air transport to be ATOL registered. ATOL protects you should a tour operator go bankrupt.

Click ATOL to learn about Air Travel Organiser’s Licence and the protection it provides.

9. OFT – Office Of Fair Trading

The OFT has wide powers some of which relate to UK citizens abroad compensation claims, such as unfair contract terms imposed by tour operators in package holidays.

Click OFT to see how the Office Of Fair Trading can help UK citizens abroad

10. Package Holiday Regulationss

Package Travel, Package Holidays and Package Tour Regulations 1992 is the full name for the UK law relating to package holidays at home and abroad.

Click package holiday to find a government website setting out the relevant law.

On this page you have discovered about some essential bodies relevant to UK citizens abroad wishing to claim personal injury compensation.

I recommend you click UK citizens abroad package holiday claims if you are a UK citizen abroad who has suffered injury from an accident whilst on a package holiday.