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Criminal Injuries Overseas: How to claim compensation when you are injured as a result of a criminal act whilst overseas

Claiming for criminal injuries overseas: if you suffer criminal injuries whilst on holiday, travelling or working abroad – there is a strong possibility you can claim criminal injury compensation. Find out which countries allow you to make a claim and where to seek help in your own country to make a claim overseas.

What are criminal injuries?

“Criminal injuries” is the phrase used to describe injuries suffered as a result of a crime of violence.

If you have been subject to a crime of violence at home or abroad it is very likely you will be able to make a criminal injury compensation claim.

If your injury was in Great Britain (England, Scotland, Northern Ireland or Wales), for example, you can claim criminal compensation from the Criminal Injury Compensation Authority which is also known as the CICA.

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Applying for criminal injuries in the United Kingdom

If you have suffered an injury in the UK, whether you are a UK citizen or a visitor from abroad, you can apply for compensation from the Criminal Injury Compensation Authority.

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How to receive free help and legal advice from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority to claim in a foreign country

If you are a UK citizen and you are subject to a crime of violence abroad – the CICA will assist you with criminal injury compensation advice about making a claim overseas.

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criminal injuries abroad

Criminal Injuries Overseas / Abroad

Criminal compensation in European Community countries

Most European Union countries have a similar criminal compensation scheme as in Great Britain, so it is likely you will be able to claim criminal compensation. To make a claim I would recommend you contact the organisation in your home country (in the UK this is the CICA) to see if you can receive advice about claiming in the foreign land.

If this approach does not prove fruitful I suggest you contact your Embassy in either the capital city of the country or if possible in the city or area where your accident happened. The Embassy should be able to put you in touch with criminal injury compensation lawyers who speak your language in that country who can help you with your claim and explain whether you are able to fund your legal costs on a no win no fee basis.

Criminal injuries overseas assault site visitor question

Whilst holidaying in Barcelona, Spain a UK citizen was out shopping when he was attacked and someone tried to snatch the tourist’s bag. The man bravely tried to hold onto his bag and was dragged along the ground until the robber managed to pull the bag free and made a speedy escape. I understand the matter was reported to the police and the tourist went to hospital to see about his injuries.

In this example – the tourist, who had returned home, should contact his holiday travel insurers and the CICA about the criminal incident in Spain. The tourist may have travel insurance which included legal assistance in making an overseas claim and if not the CICA would help with the claim as Spain has a criminal compensation scheme.

How do you claim compensation for criminal injuries overseas which are outside Europe and in another continent around the world

It is not only European countries which have criminal compensation schemes – click criminal injuries overseas to find out all the countries that have a similar criminal injuries scheme (click on the summary icon in the top right hand box for a complete list).

Should you use a foreign personal injury lawyer?

Many criminal compensation claims in the UK are made via a personal injury solicitor even though the public have the right to claim direct. The reason being that compensation awards are typically far higher using a solicitor.

By analogy – the benefits are likely to be the same for a foreign claim. You may therefore wish to speak to an English speaking foreign accident claim lawyer to help you with your claim.

The British Embassy abroad should be able to help you find an appropriate lawyer.

Click British embassies abroad to find a English speaking personal injury lawyer in the country where you injury occurred.

Useful Links

We have written an article describing and providing links to official bodies who can help you with your criminal injury claim in the UK and abroad.

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Criminal injuries overseas summary

On this page you have learned how to claim criminal injuries compensation in the country where you suffer your injury whether it be the UK, Europe or elsewhere around the world.

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