Overseas Criminal Injury Compensation

Many countries overseas have a criminal injury compensation scheme. You can find out which countries do and how to receive help from the CICA if you are injured by a crime of violence in Europe.

overseas criminal injury compensation

Overseas Criminal Injury Compensation

To make a claim you typically would ned the assistance of a lawyer based in the country where the incident happened.

Three ways I suggest to receive help, include:

1. Use the legal protection cover on your travel insurance to have an appropriate lawyer assigned.

2. Receive assistance from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority European help section. The CICA is based in the UK and deal with UK claims – but they can assist with claims in Europe – although the will not make the claim for you.

3. Click British Embassies Overseas to see the article I have written explaining how the British Embassies website can assist in finding an English speaking lawyer.