Household Contents Legal Protection Insurance

Household Contents Legal Protection Insurance:

Can I use my the legal protection cover on my household contents insurance to claim compensation using a solicitor of my choosing?

I have legal protection cover on my household contents insurance, which pays my legal costs in claiming UK compensation for personal injuries in the event of an accident.

I recently had an accident at work – a nasty laceration to the middle finger on my right hand which has caused scarring and a loss of sensation.

I intend to use my household contents legal protection insurance to pay for my legal costs in pursuing a compensation claim for personal injury, but I wish to use a solicitor of my choice.

Personal Injury Solicitor Response

There are a few considerations to take into account to decide if you can have the legal costs of a solicitor of your choice paid for by your UK household contents legal protection insurer to make a compensation claim.

1. Look at the wording of your household contents legal protection insurance policy

The wording of your household contents legal protection insurance will specify whether you must use an insurance panel solicitor. On occasion legal protection insurance will permit you to choose your own solicitor..

2. Should you use your legal protection insurance?

“Yes,” you have paid for legal protection insurance cover and subject to a small policy excess you will not need to be concerned about the legal costs of making your compensation claim.

Also, in your particular claim the amount of compensation you are entitled to may not be worth over £1,000 and so could be classed as a small claim. Despite this it is still likely Legal Protection Insurance will pay your legal costs in making a claim.

See our no win no fee article, which explains all about legal funding, including household legal protection insurance, and the importance of a personal injury claim being worth over £1,000 to ensure recovery of legal costs.

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3. What should you do to use your household contents legal protection cover?

You should request a claim form from your household contents insurer and notify the solicitor of your choosing that you wish to make a claim showing him your legal protection insurance policy. When your claim form arrives you should complete it nominating your solicitor of choice and return to your insurer.

On receipt your insurer should write to your chosen solicitor for an assessment of the likely chances of success of your claim. If satisfied with your solicitor’s assessment your household contents insurer will give authority for your solicitor to make the claim for compensation on your behalf.

Alternatively, if your insurer requires you to use an insurance panel solicitor – when your claim form is completed you will be notified by your insurer of the panel solicitor assigned.

4. Take advantage of our specialist solicitor free legal help

It is very important you choose a specialist personal injury solicitor to help make your claim. The type of specialist solicitor will depend on the type of accident you have suffered.

We provide free online and telephone assistance in a number of ways – including speaking to you direct, arranging a solicitor callback, answering your online questions and assessing your potential claim.