I wish to make a UK work injury claim from my employer for a broken finger – what should I do?

Work injury compensation claim broken finger: I have just broken my finger at work. I believe my injury was caused as a result of the negligence of my employer.

A: To make a work injury compensation claim UK from your employer you should take the following steps:

work injury compensation claim broken finger

Finger Work Injury Compensation Claim

1. Find out if your employer is legally responsible for the accident which caused your work injury

You have indicated that you believe your employer was negligent in causing your broken finger work injury, but it is important you have a specialist work injury lawyer assess whether this is legally correct.

Using the link below you can see the page I have written explaining how a solicitor can assess whether your employer is responsible for your workplace injury.

Click accident at work claim to see how to show your employer is responsible for your workplace accident

2. Should you use a specialist work injury solicitor to make your compensation claim?

“Yes,” a specialist work injury solicitor will give you much better chances of ensuring you win your claim and maximise the sum of compensation you are entitled to receive.

So long as your personal injury is worth over £1,000 you can recover your legal costs from your employer in addition to your compensation. You state that you suffered a broken finger in your workplace accident – for this type of injury your work injury claim would be worth over £1,000.

The exact amount of compensation for a broken finger depends upon which finger was broken and the duration of the pain you suffer, which can only be accurately assessed once a medical expert report has been prepared describing your injury.

I recommend before you notify your employer of your claim you speak to an accident at work solicitor, as making a claim on your own behalf without expert legal help can put your compensation claim in jeopardy.

I am happy to assist you further – to do so I some more information about your accident. Using the link below you can complete and send a confidential online form which will give me the additional information I need.

Click work injury compensation claim broken finger to have a specialist solicitor contact you free of charge to discuss you compensation claim.