Work Accident Compensation Claim UK: Am I entitled to make a compensation claim against my employer for personal injury and lost income?

Work accident compensation claim UK: I suffered an injury at work, entered it into the accident book and had the entry witnessed by my employer. The following day my injury took a turn for the worse resulting in my being unable to work. I am concerned that as my boss witnessed the accident book entry he may be reluctant to believe the extent of my injury and I would not be able to claim all the physical and financial losses I have suffered.

A: The fact that your accident book entry suggests your work related injuries were much less significant than they have turned out to be should not affect your work accident compensation claim in the UK for the following reasons:

work accident compensation claim uk

Work Accident Compensation Claim UK

1. Reporting accidents at work is the correct initial step to take following a workplace injury

When you have suffered an injury at work there are a series of steps you should take which will support a future work accident compensation claim UK – the first is entering the accident and injury into the accident book and have this entry witnesses by someone senior. You have done this – so the fact your accident happened and that an injury was suffered is not likely to be disputed.

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2. The extent of your injuries which form part of your work accident compensation claim UK is proved by other evidence not just the accident book entry

It is very common place that the extent of your injuries will not be initially known so the entry in the accident book is simply evidence that injury was sustained.

For example – imagine you bang your head, so you entry into the accident book states “bump to head”.  The next day you realise you are suffering concussion and bad headaches stopping you from being able to work.

Your employer could not attempt to deny liability by suggesting that you only complained initially of a banged head. Your new symptoms could clearly follow from the reported banged head, so it is only a matter for your solicitor to obtain medical evidence to describe the extent of your injuries that can be included as part of your work accident compensation claim in the UK.

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3. Your lost income as a result of absence form work due to a workplace injury can be claimed from your employer

So long as you have medical evidence to show that your injuries from your workplace accident rendered you unable to work – you should be able to claim your Nett lost income (income after national insurance and tax deductions) form your employer.

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4. Free call back assistance to discuss your work accident compensation claim UK

If you would like to discuss your injury claim in person I will gladly call you back free of charge – simply complete the short confidential online form using the link below and requesting a call back using the form’s pull down menu.

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