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Claim Compensation Dental Error: UK solicitor sets out how to claim compensation from a dentist when a root canal treatment is not performed correctly

Dental error victim question

I paid for an NHS dentist in Manchester in England to perform a root canal operation. After the operation I was told that all had gone well, but part of the drill had broken and had been left in my gum and not removed as it was too close to the nerves in my gums and jaw.

dental error compensation claim

Dental Error Compensation

I was told that this should not cause any problems

Following the NHS dental procedure I started to feel pain in my gum and jaw so I went to see a dentist privately who x-rayed me and told me that the metal work left in my jaw was causing problems and I had developed an infection. I was told that the procedure to move the metal work could be conducted, but there was a real danger that a permanent injury could be caused to my nerves.

If the metal work was not removed the infection could be treated, but it was quite possible the infection could return in the future.

Can I claim compensation for dental error by the National Health Services dental practice which completed the original root canal procedure?

Dental negligence solicitor response

It is clear that a dentist performing a root canal treatment should not leave metal work from the equipment in your jaw and gum. As such it would seem that on the face of your description that you could well have a claim from the NHS dental surgery.

Before a claim for dental negligence can be made a letter of complaint should be sent by yourself to the dental practice. This will allow the practice the opportunity of responding formally in writing and based upon your letter of complaint and the response received – a dental negligence solicitor can assess whether you have a potential claim for compensation.

The dental negligence solicitor will instruct an orthodontist expert to compile a medical report looking at your dental notes before and after the root canal treatment, examining any x-rays that may have been taken and examining your jaw and the work that had been done.

This expert report is used to determine whether in that expert’s opinion negligence has occurred.

If negligence is found a later medical report will be completed to describe the risks of further corrective treatment and the risks of infection should a corrective operation not take place.

Based upon this medical report a specialist dental negligence solicitor will be able to assess how strong your claim for compensation is and depending on the nature on the pain and suffering you have now and in the future the level of compensation you can clam can be calculated.

What should you do to claim compensation for dental error?

Should you wish to consider making a claim click dental negligence solicitor to access my free online legal help or to speak to me directly to assess your claim for compensation due to dental error.

To see examples of the amounts of compensation you can claim for damage to your teeth and other dental errors click claim compensation dental error.