Factory Accident Claim

Factory accident claim lawyer sets out compensation claims process for all manner of worker industrial injuries

Discover how to make a factory accident claim for all manner of worker injuries and industrial diseases suffered in large factory workplaces from current and past employers.

How to navigate the factory accident claim guide

I have set out the types of injuries you can suffer if you are or have been a factory worker in the UK with links to detailed pages I have written and a brief summary under each link.

At the bottom of the page – you will find a link to FAQ’s site visitors have put to me about their factory injuries.

Industrial deafness from factory noise

Factory Accident Claim

Factory Accident Claim

Causes Symptoms Tinnitus Hearing Loss

Find out the symptoms you are likely to suffer if you have been exposed to excessive work noise, the parts that make up your ear and other causes of hearing problems and tinnitus.

Hearing Loss Claims

Find out how to claim for noise induced hearing loss and which types of tools and machines are known to produce excessive noise.

Industrial deafness

The amounts of compensation you can claim in the UK for hearing loss and tinnitus.

Factory injury victim’s questions and answers

Factory sewing machinist hearing loss

A worker suffered tinnitus and hearing loss following exposure to noise as a sewing machinist many years ago from companies which are no longer in business.

Factory Accident Claim Summary

On this page you have found links to the pages I have written explaining how to claim compensation for occupational injury in a factory environment – from a past or present employer.

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