Compensation Claim Guides

Compensation Claim Guides: The process to claim compensation for all manner of accident claim

In this article you will find our index of accident compensation claim guides set out in alphabetical order (depending on accident type).

Simply click on the compensation guide you are interested in and you will be taken to our overview page with a brief summary of our posts with a link to the detailed article where you will find a step by step guide as to how to make a claim – starting with the practical steps you should take immediately following your accident.

We also provide guides describing how to contact local solicitors throughout out the UK, the two types of damages compensation you can claim and how to calculate the compensation amounts for all types of injury.

Alphabetical Compensation Claim Guides List

Choose from our list of compensation claim guides set out below in alphabetical order, see our compensation payout guide or take a look at our most recent personal injury claim index articles.

Accident Compensation Claims Process

The general claims process stages set out in headings – with links underneath to articles explaining how that stage is dealt with for each type of personal injury claim (set out alphabetically).

Armed Forces / Military Claims

Compensation for injury whilst serving in the armed forces or civilian injury caused by the military.

Asbestos Compensation

Exposure to asbestos can cause a number of conditions, such as asbestosis, mesothelioma, cancer. This compensation claim guide sets out how to claim compensation.

British Embassies Overseas

Contact and receive help from the British Embassy in the UK and overseas. Includes help finding an English speaking lawyer following a personal injury abroad (consider fist whether your claim can be made by a UK lawyer).

Car Accident

How to claim compensation for accidents involving cars, whether you suffer personal injury as a driver, passenger, pedestrian or other road user involved in a collision.

Child Claims

The process for making a personal injury claim on behalf of a child follows a more complicated process than that for an adult, involving both a litigation friend and payment of compensation monies into the Court Funds Office.

Coach Accidents

The process for claiming comp0ensation when you are involved in an accident on a coach as a passenger or a collision with a coach.

Compensation Claim Basics

This guide sets out various different steps to making a personal injury claim, which includes prior to commencing a claim; after your claim has commenced using a solicitor; following the issue of court proceedings and finally ending with the trial of your claim if the other side does not accept liability.

Compensation Payout Amounts

A guide to the amount of compensation you can claim for various different injuries to body parts and psychological injury.

Criminal Injuries Compensation Claims

Criminal injury claims follow a different procedure than other types of personal injury. Find out how to claim for injuries suffered as a result of a crime of violence in the UK and receive guidance as to how to claim in another European country.

Defective Products

How to claim compensation when you suffer injury from all manner of defective product – including dangerous packaging and erroneous instruction manuals.

Employers Liability / Work Accident Claims

UK solicitor sets out how to claim from an employer for all manner of accidents and injuries at work whether you are an employee, a contractor or self-employed.

Factory Accident Claim

The process to claiming compensation for injury or disease caused from work in a factory or industrial environment

Fatal Accident

How to claim compensation when a partner, child or relative is killed in an accident, as a result of medical negligence or from industrial injury.

Hearing Loss Compensation Claims

The different types of workplace that can cause hearing loss; the different types of ear damage; proving a claim; how long to claim and a hearing loss compensation calculator.

Holiday Accidents Abroad

UK Solicitor guide to claiming compensation from the UK for accidents overseas.

Hospital Claims

There are many types of accidents that can happen in a hospital setting – either as a patient, a hospital worker or an accident on hospital grounds. See our guide on how to claim with our site visitor online Q&A and FAQ.

Industrial Disease / Occupational Injury

Industrial disease solicitor sets out how to claim for occupational injury caused by exposure to hazardous workplace conditions, including: lung disease, vibration related conditions, noise induced hearing loss, etc.


Find out about the solicitor and the barrister – the two different types of lawyer that can be used when making a personal injury claim in the UK.

Medical Negligence / Clinical Fault / Dental Error

Medical negligence claims process for injuries caused by errors by doctors, hospitals and dentists.

Miners Injury Compensation

Compensation claim guide setting out the process for claiming for the most common types of injury and disease suffered by miners and ex-miners.

Motorway Collision

High speed accidents on the motorway can give rise to serious personal injury claims. See hour guide as to how to claim with our online Q&A and blog.

Public Liability Claims

Find out how to claim compensation if you suffer injury in a public place. Includes shops, supermarkets, clubs, bars, on the street, in the swimming pool, etc.

Road Accident Compensation

Step by step process of how to claim compensation if you have suffered injury on a road whether you are in a vehicle, as a pedestrian or other road user.

Solicitor England

If you have suffered injury in England you will need the help of a specialist solicitor. Find out how to locate a local solicitor throughout England to help you make a claim for compensation.

Solicitor Northern Ireland

When you have been injured in an accident in Northern Ireland – discover how to find the best specialist personal injury lawyers to assist with your claim.

Solicitor Scotland

Must you use a Scottish solicitor if you have suffered injury in an accident in Scotland. Find out how to choose the best accident claim solicitor by Scottish city.

Solicitor Wales

The law in England and Wales is the same. If you have suffered injury in an accident in Wales – find out how to select a local solicitor.

Train Accidents

How to claim for injury on a train as a member of the public or worker – includes other accidents on the UK rail network.

Trip And Slip Injury

How to claim compensation for slipping, tripping and falling. You might have tripped due to a defective pavement, slipped on a liquid spillage at a supermarket or fallen at work.

Work Injury Claims

See specific types of work accident and how to claim compensation if you have suffered injury.

Work Related Hearing Loss

Excessive noise in a variety of workplaces can cause hearing loss – find out what how to prove a your claim for each workplace.

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