Accident Compensation Claim

Accident Compensation Claim: An overview of the claims process for all types of accident in the UK and abroad

Discover the accident compensation claim process for all manner of personal injury suffered in the UK and overseas.

This page sets out in plain English the steps to making a personal injury accident compensation claim from beginning to end – each accident type is listed alphabetically with links to each of the relevant pages summarized underneath.

Alphabetical list of accident types setting out the UK compensation claims legal process for each

accident compensation claim

Accident Compensation Claim

Choose the accident type from the list below and click the link to view the stage of the claims process you would like to read more about.

1. Accident Compensation Claim Basics

When you are first considering an accident compensation claim you will have a number of initial questions you might wish the answer to:

Solicitor’s Help

How to obtain free help from a UK lawyer to make your compensation claim even if you decide to make the claim yourself.

Find out whether you can make a claim yourself or whether you should seek the assistance of a specialist personal injury lawyer.

When you have an accident anywhere in the UK – discover which part of the country to choose your lawyer from and how to find the best lawyer to contact.

Choice of court

Discover how to make a claim following an accident in Scotland.

Find out when a personal injury claim is considered a small claim and learn some key tips in making a small claim.

Choose a lawyer who is familiar with winning personal injury claims at court.

Online advice

Is “free legal advice” on the internet or otherwise what it is advertised to be? Find out why often it is not “free” and not true “advice”.

Legal jargon buster

Legal terms and phrases set out alphabetically with simple definitions in plain English so any member of the public with no legal knowledge can understand.

What is a “without prejudice offer” or an offer made with “no admission of liability” and should you accept it?

2. Accident At Work

Detailed summary of all the accident of work articles I have written setting out an overview to the UK claims process.

Immediate steps

What you must do following a workplace accident so you can maximise the compensation you are entitled to and ensure proper records are made by your employer of your accident circumstances and injuries.

Winning your claim

How to prove your employer is legally responsible for your accident at work – includes employment records you can access to support your case.

The implications to your compensation claim if you contributed to your injury at work through your own carelessness or you consented to the risks of your injury.

Starting your claim

Find out the two main approaches to starting a work injury claim against your employer.

Payment of your claim will be made by your employer’s worker compensation insurance, which must be in place as a matter of law.

How much compensation

A description of the various different types of accident at work compensation you are entitled to claim from your employer following a workplace injury.

How defective work equipment which causes injury can lead to successful work compensation claims from your employer.

The amount of damages you can claim for workplace manual handling injuries including frozen shoulder compensation.

The amount of worker compensation you can claim for accidents in the workplace including injuries from the use of dangerous machinery.

Types Of Work Accident Claim

How to claim compensation for the most common building site accidents.

Injuries on construction sites are common – both to workers and to members of the public. Find out how you can claim compensation for construction site injuries.

Discover the typical injuries that can be caused by a forklift truck in the workplace.

Find out how your employer should ensure your safety when using a ladder in the workplace.

The Work At Height Regulations 2005 set out specific duties on your employer to ensure your safety when working on a platform above ground and to avoid objects falling from the platform. Find out how to use the law to make a claim if you suffer an injury at work.

Choosing Your Solicitor

How to ensure your employer pays your lawyer’s fees of making a compensation claim.

How to find a top accident at work specialist lawyer to make your claim.

How to fund your workplace accident claim using a no win no fee solicitors legal fees agreement.


A summary of my pages describing the criminal injury compensation process for criminal juries in the UK and abroad.

Immediate steps

This page describes the types of criminal injury you can claim compensation for and how a criminal injury claim is different from an accident claim.

Discover what the Criminal Compensation Authority is and the steps you must take to allow you to make a CICA claim.

Starting your claim

The options available for claiming criminal injury compensation are explained – including the process to follow for CICA claims.

How to claim criminal injury compensation even when the offender is not prosecuted for a crime.

Injury overseas

If you have suffered an injury overseas – find out how the CICA in the UK can help you make a claim.

How much compensation

How to calculate the amount of criminal compensation you should receive for your claim.

Choosing your solicitor

Find out how to choose the best personal injury lawyer to help you make a claim.

Discover how to meet the legal cost in receiving compensation advice from a specialist criminal injury solicitor.


An overview of the types of compensation you can claim following an accidental injury in the UK

The types and amounts of compensation, which you can claim for rehabilitation following very serious accidents – such as those involving the head and spine.

How to claim compensation for the cost of treatment for PTSD including CBT and EMDR.


A summary to the fatal accident claims process in the UK.

Fatal injury Claim First Steps

Find out why a coroners inquest must take place following a fatal accidents and the information that might be used from the inquest to support your claim.

Type And Amounts Of Claim

The most common types of accident that can lead to a fatality.

The amount of compensation you can claim for fatal accidents.

How Long To Claim

The time period allowed in UK law to start a claim following death.

Select Solicitor / Fund Legal Costs

How to find a solicitor with sufficient experience to make your claim.


Holiday Claim Terms

Discover the terminology used when you suffer an accident overseas.

Types Of Claim

Package holiday claims are subject to special rules which allow you to trace your claim back to the holiday company that sold you your package holiday.

How to claim compensation if you have made your own travel arrangements as an independent traveler.

Claims for a road traffic accident can be made in your country of residence under new European laws.

Discover the types of Bulgarian road accident claim which can be made from the UK.

How to claim from the UK if you are involved in a road traffic accident in the Czech Republic.

Claiming from England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland for injury in a Polish RTA.

Who will meet your compensation claim if you have an accident whilst travelling on an aircraft.

What are the rules relating to baggage delay and loss on flights.

Find out how to claim compensation if you have suffered an overseas criminal injury.


A summary of my articles explaining the process in the UK to claim compensation following an industrial accident.

Immediate steps

The most common types of industrial disease and how they are caused in the workplace are set out on this page.

Industrial injuries often take some time to show symptoms in the victim – find out why this is the case and how to ensure your injury and symptoms are properly reported to your doctor and employer.

Your employer must keep certain records by law which you can access when you make an industrial accident claim – find out what these reports are and how they can be used to win you compensation at court.

Winning your claim

How inhalation of asbestos fibres in the workplace can lead to diseases such as asbestosis and mesothelioma. Find out why the inhalation of dust can lead to all manner of industrial injury claims.

Learn how to show that your employer is legally responsible for a mesothelioma, asbestosis or other industrial disease claim.

Find out how to show your employer is legally responsible for a workplace repetitive strain injury and how your employer might attempt to avoid paying you compensation.

Learn how to prove your employer is legally responsible for a noise induced hearing loss claim.

Find out about the audiogram and other medical evidence your solicitor will need to prove you are suffering from hearing damage due to exposure to noise at work.

How to show your employer is legally responsible for occupational dermatitis.

Find out what causes tinnitus in the workplace, why it is related to occupational hearing loss and how to claim from a former or current employer for noise exposure.

Starting your claim

This page sets out the practical steps you should take before starting your industrial injury claim.

How much compensation

Find out about the types of insurance your employer should have in place to meet your industrial injury compensation claim.

The amount of money you can claim in compensation for asbestos diseases including asbestosis, mesothelioma and lung cancer.

This page gives examples of the amount of money you can receive in compensation for industrial deafness.

See examples of the amount of compensation you can expect to receive for workplace repetitive strain injuries.


A summary of all the pages I have written describing how to claim compensation for a child – a person under the age of 18 years.

Types of claim

Discover the most common types of school accident your child might be able to claim compensation for in the UK.

Children are often injured in places they should not be – even if a child is trespassing it is quite often the case that the law will protect them and allow them to claim compensation for their injuries.

Starting your claim

Making a compensation claim for a child differs in many ways to a claim for an adult – find out what these differences are and the correct procedure that should be followed if your are a parent or litigation friend.

Accepting compensation

How to conclude a compensation claim on behalf of your child.


This page provides a summary to all the articles I have written setting out how to make a medical negligence claim in the UK.

Immediate steps

What is clinical negligence and what are the most common types of claim?

Find out how an action or inaction can lead to a medical malpractice claim with reference to online sources of information and free online specialist solicitor help.

Starting your claim

Find out what you should do if you are unhappy with the medical treatment you have received and how your medical notes can often provide the key to winning you compensation.

How much compensation

Learn how your solicitor can value the amount of compensation you should receive for your medical negligence claim – examples are provided of the amount of damages you might receive for different injuries.

Choosing your solicitor

Find how to choose a top specialist medical negligence solicitor to contact to help you make your claim

Find how you can fund your clinical negligence claim including using a no win no fee agreement.

Types Of Claim

The importance of medical consent before an intrusive medical procedure takes place – how to claim if consent not given.

Find out how to claim compensation from an hospital if you develop MRSA.

Claim compensation for the death of a new born baby or a baby still in the womb


A summary of all the pages I have written describing the steps to making a road traffic accident claim.

Immediate steps

Find out the practical steps you should take immediately after you have suffered a road accident.

The evidence you can rely on to show how your RTA happened – using a motor bike accident as an example.

Winning your claim

How to show a driver is legally responsible for your vehicle accident.

Starting your claim

Find out how to claim compensation following a motor vehicle accident as well as the time period to start your claim in the UK.

Discover why all drivers are required to have vehicle insurance to pay compensation claims in the event of an accident and how you can still claim compensation via the Motor Insurers Bureau were no insurance is in place.

How much compensation

Learn about the different types of compensation you can claim for your RTA.

Examples of the amounts of compensation you should receive for different types of car injuries including whiplash.

Examples of the amounts of compensation you should receive for different types of motorcycle injuries.

Choosing your solicitor

Find out the best way to choose a top solicitor to help you make your claim, including how to check a lawyer’s expertise and experience with the Law Society.

Find out the cheapest ways to fund the legal costs of making a personal injury claim including no win no fee agreements and legal protection insurance.


A summary of all my pages explaining how to make a slip, trip or fall personal injury claim in the UK.

Immediate steps

The immediate steps you should take following a slip, trip or fall accident.

Find out the different defects that can cause you to have a trip, slip or fall accident.

Winning your claim

How to show that the council or other public body is responsible for your trip slip accident.

How much compensation

Examples of the amounts of compensation you can receive for different types of trip, slip or fall injury.

12. Accident Compensation Claim Process

Key considerations you must take into account when making a claim for compensation in the UK courts.

Find out when it is important to use a specialist accident solicitor to help you claim compensation following an accident.

How long you have to start a claim for injury following an accident, industrial disease or medical injury.

When it is cost effective to use a solicitor to make a claim for compensation following an accident.

Summary of accident compensation claim types

On this page you have seen a description of each accident compensation claim type listed alphabetically with each stage of the UK claims process from start to finish clearly set out.

I recommend you click accident compensation claim to select from the free online legal assistance my website offers with your accident compensation claim.