Claim Compensation Portugal: UK Citizens Europe Road Traffic Accident

Road traffic accident solicitor explains how to claim compensation for a road traffic accident in Portugal if you are an English citizen on holiday or travelling in Portugal

Portugal road traffic accident victim question

I am UK citizen and I drove across France, through to Spain and on to Portugal where I was on holiday for two weeks with my family. When I was driving along a main road in Lisbon in Portugal -a car slammed into the back of my vehicle causing my car to be pushed in to a lamppost.

I was driving our Peugeot 307 and my wife was a front seat passenger – we were both wearing seat belts.

The police attended at the scene and took the details of the other driver and gave my wife and I a crime reference number. An ambulance also attended at the accident scene and took us to hospital where I was diagnosed with whiplash to my neck and lower back pain. My wife was diagnosed with a cracked vertebra to her cervical spine.

Can we claim compensation in England for our Road traffic accident in Portugal?

European road traffic accident solicitor response

‘’ Yes’’ – road traffic accidents are governed by European law allowing an accident victim to make an RTA claim for compensation for personal injury and vehicle damage in his country of origin.

It is therefore possible for you to make a claim in England for your whiplash and lower back injuries and for your wife’s cracked vertebra in her cervical spine.

Commence Your Portugal Road Accident Claim From The UK

Should you wish to consider making this claim click road traffic accident solicitor Portugal and I will call you free of charge to discuss or to start your European RTA claim online.