Claim Road Traffic Accident Compensation: Hit By Car Crossing Give Way Causing Whiplash Back Injuries

UK solicitor explains how to claim compensation for a collision when a car crosses a give way in Belfast hitting another vehicle causing whiplash

Belfast road traffic accident victim question

I was driving my car in Belfast and I had the right of way when another car came from my left passing through the give way road markings and colliding with my car at speed.

This spun my car around caused me to suffer neck pain and lower back pain. Police attended at the scene and took details and an ambulance was called.

Am I entitled to claim compensation for whiplash and for my back injury?

Road traffic accident solicitor response

The laws in the UK vary slightly according to which country the accident occurred. As your accident occurred in Belfast – your claim is subject to the court rules in Northern Ireland.

It is clear that as you had the right of way and the other car passed over a give way at speed without stopping that liability lies with the other driver.

The fact that police attended at the scene will result in a police report being complied and evidence being available to prove that the accident occurred as you have described.

Whiplash and back injuries are typical injuries from a high speed road traffic accident collision.

A Belfast specialised road traffic accident solicitor will obtain medical evidence from a consultant orthopaedic surgeon, who is independent, and can compile a report setting out the severity of your whiplash and back injuries and importantly give a prognosis as to how long your injuries are likely to last in to the future.

Based upon this medial evidence your claim can be valued to establish how much compensation you are entitled to recover.

Claim compensation for your road accident in Belfast

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