What are the symptoms of a whiplash injury?

Symptoms of a whiplash injury: I am suffering from a stiff neck and headaches, since I was involved in a car accident.

A: A collision involving a car accident is a typical cause of symptoms of a whiplash injury.

symptoms of a whiplash injury

Symptoms Of A Whiplash Injury

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The symptoms of a whiplash injury

1. Neck and shoulder pain

This pain will normally occur immediately after your car accident or a few hours later. It is common that the shock of a car accident can delay the onset of whiplash symptoms.

The pain symptoms of a whiplash injury can either be continuous or intermittent – you may just feel a bad painful twinge every now and again.

2. Pins and needles in your arms and hands are classic symptoms of a whiplash injury

Each vertebrae of the spine is responsible for nerves leading to different parts of the body – the upper vertebrae, that can be damaged in a whiplash injury, normally affect the hands and arms.

3. Headaches can be symptoms of a whiplash injury

Headaches can often be associated with a whiplash type injury.

Other symptoms of road traffic accident back injuries

The symptoms of a whiplash injury are very important to distinguish from other back injuries that can be caused in a road accident. For example, often the lower back can be injured in a car crash, but this is a totally different type of injury than whiplash and will affect very different parts of the body.

If you have symptoms of a whiplash injury how can I help you further?

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