Time Required To Make A Car Accident Claim

Time Required Car Accident Claim: How much time will it take for me to receive compensation for a road traffic accident that happened a few weeks ago – my claim is clear cut?

Car Accident Claim Solicitor Response

The time it will take to receive road traffic accident compensation in the UK can vary somewhat, depending entirely on the facts of your claim itself.

time required car accident claim

Time Required Car Accident Claim

Two main factors will decide how long your UK road traffic accident claim takes:

1. Legal responsibility for your UK road traffic accident

Is the driver who caused your RTA accepting legal responsibility?

If responsibility for your accident is accepted by the other driver – the time it will take to receive your road traffic accident compensation will be much less than if your injury solicitor has to prove that the RTA was the other driver’s fault.

2. The severity of your injuries in the road traffic accident

It is a generally accepted principle in personal injury law that a medical report describing your injuries should only be obtained after the symptoms of your injuries have subsided or, if you symptoms are ongoing, at least three to six months has passed since the traffic accident

After this time a medical expert should be able to fully describe the nature of your injuries and, if your injury is relatively minor, give an estimate as to how long any ongoing symptoms may last.

Duration of a compensation claim for personal injury in a road traffic accident

A straight forward compensation claim following a traffic accident should last 6 – 12 months. If legal responsibility is disputed or your trauma is severe – your compensation claim could last much longer depending upon the particular circumstances of your claim, which would have to be assessed by your accident solicitor.

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