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Car Accident Solicitor: How to get free legal help from a specialist UK road traffic accident lawyer

Car accident solicitor: Find out what a specialist UK car accident solicitor is, the benefits of using such a specialist lawyer to help you claim compensation, how to ensure you have no legal expense in instructing a RTA solicitor and how to obtain free specialist online legal help before making your decision whether to claim.

What is a UK car accident solicitor?

car accident solicitor

Car Accident Solicitor

A “car accident solicitor” is a specialist lawyer who practises exclusively in the area of law dealing with road traffic accident compensation claims in the UK.

RTA’s can take many different forms and can include accidents involving cars, motorbikes, trucks, push bikes, animals and pedestrians.

For an accident to be classed as a RTA – it should involve at least one motor vehicle on a public highway or road.

Why should you choose a car accident solicitor to help you with your claim?

Car accidents are one of the most common types of accident in the UK. On the face such a claim, you might imagine, would seem relatively straight forward for a qualified solicitor, but there are unforeseen complications for lawyers unfamiliar with this rapidly changing area of law.

A car accident solicitor will:

1. Be familiar with the types of injuries that you can suffer in a car accident

This knowledge allows your lawyer to know all of the possible symptoms you might suffer following an accident to ensure no injuries are missed.

For example – you might suffer obvious symptoms suggesting whiplash neck and back injuries, but other symptoms as: increased irritability, sleepless nights and mood swings – might suggest some form of psychological injury, such as post traumatic stress.

2. Will know the best medical experts to instruct

Using a medical expert in the correct area of expertise will ensure all of your injuries are properly assessed and an accurate prognosis (medical opinion as to how long your symptoms will last into the future) is given.

For example – whiplash might seem a minor injury and only warrant a GP report, but this is a big mistake as whiplash can be quite severe and if symptoms are ongoing an orthopaedic medical report is essential.

3. Will ensure all your expenses and losses are claimed

There are many different expenses and losses that might be overlooked by an inexperienced lawyer – such as the recovery of your hire car charges whilst you car is being repaired and the equivalent of nursing assistance in the home – if help is provided by family members.

Click car accident compensation to see a full list of the expenses that you can claim following a car accident.

4. Will know how long your claim should take

If your injuries are relatively straight forward a car accident solicitor will settle your claim swiftly, but if your injuries are more severe your solicitor should be prepared to make sure your claim does not settle until it is known what the future holds.

Once your claim settles you cannot return for more compensation so by waiting a little longer your solicitor can ensure you recover the full amount of compensation you are entitled to.

Will it be expensive to use a specialist car accident solicitor?

“No” – a good car accident solicitor will explain how your claim can be funded so that you do not have to meet your lawyer’s legal costs. This might be by using a “no win no fee” agreement.

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Can you speak to a specialist car accident solicitor free of charge before deciding whether to claim or not?

“Yes” – my website offers free legal help in a number of ways, including free online legal assistance and speaking to me in person before you decide whether you would like to make a claim or not.

Click car accident solicitor to view all the legal help options my website has to offer.

Car Accident Solicitor Page Summary

On this page I have set out the advantages of using a UK specialist car accident solicitor and how to obtain free online legal help to assess your claim before making a decision to proceed with a claim or not.

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