Traffic Accident Lawyer: Which UK road accident solicitor should I contact to make a compensation claim for severe personal injuries?

Traffic accident lawyer: I was recently involved in a pile up on the motorway in England and I broke my spine. I am paralysed from the waist down and there is a risk that I may never walk again.

The road traffic accident was not my fault and I wish to make a claim for compensation, but I wish to choose the traffic accident lawyer carefully as I am aware that my compensation is likely to be quite large.

traffic accident lawyer

Traffic Accident Lawyer

Road Traffic Accident Lawyer Response

You must choose your UK traffic accident lawyer very carefully when you have suffered severe personal injuries as believe it or not all road traffic accident lawyers are not the same.

I recommend you consider the following information before contacting a road traffic accident solicitor to make your claim:

1. Choose a specialist UK traffic accident lawyer who has experience of large value compensation claims

Claims such as paralysis naturally will involve large sums of compensation – not only for the disabling personal injuries, but also for large financial losses. If a trauma results in you being unable to work for the rest of your life you can imagine the sums of money involved.

A road traffic accident claims solicitor who is experienced in large compensation claims will know that there are many other types of loss that can be claimed – for example the cost of converting your home so it is accessible with a wheel chair user.

A rta solicitor who is not experienced in large claims will not be as experienced in maximising the compensation you can legitimately claim.

Click car accident compensation to see the types of loss you can claim.

2. Check the expertise of a UK traffic accident lawyer using the Law Society website

In the UK there are three Law Societies, but as your crash happened in England you would use the Law Society Of England and Wales to check your solicitor’s expertise.

Click whiplash traffic accident claims lawyer to read all about the three Law Societies for the different countries that make up the United Kingdom

Using the Law Society of England and Wales website you can check if a solicitor is accredited as a specialist road traffic accident lawyer.

Click personal injury lawyer to discover what an accredited solicitor is and how to use the Law Society website to check expertise

3. Free online specialist traffic accident lawyer legal assistance

I provide free online legal assistance in a number of ways, including speaking to me direct about your claim or having your online questions answered.

Using the link below you can complete an online confidential form and select the type of free assistance you require.

Click traffic accident lawyer to have a specialist traffic accident lawyer contact you free of charge to discuss your claim.