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The Law Society Of England And Wales

Law Society England Wales And Solicitors Regulation Authority; the legal bodies tasked to register and monitor solicitors who are permitted to practise law in England and Wales; how the law in England and Wales forms one legal jurisdiction and how to check if a solicitor is an accredited personal injury specialist.

Does the law in England and Wales differ from the rest of the UK?

“Yes” – England and Wales has a unified legal jurisdiction and consequently the same law. throughout both countries, but the law in Scotland and Northern Ireland differs, such that they have different legal jurisdictions from England and Wales.

What are the two bodies that register and regulate practising lawyers in England and Wales

The two bodies that English and Welsh solicitors must be registered with are the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) and the Law Society of England and Wales.

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Law Society Accredited Solicitors

Solicitors Regulation Authority

In England and Wales the Solicitors Regulation Authority was created in 2007 to help the Law Society monitor and regulate practising solicitors in England and Wales.

The Law Society Of England And Wales

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