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National Government In The UK

The UK is made up of four nations each with its own form of Government, but ultimate control still lies centrally with Parliament in England. On this page you will find the links to the national Parliaments and Assemblies responsible for making of UK law.

Central Government Based In England – Parliament UK

Parliament UK is the government with central control for the whole of the United Kingdom – England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. It decides the laws for the UK, but has devolved some of its powers to Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland – it is exclusively responsible for the laws in England.

Direct Government

The official UK government website – designed to provide direct online information and assistance to citizens across the UK on matters of legal, economic and social policy.

uk westminster parliament

UK Westminster Parliament

Northern Ireland Assembly

The Northern Ireland Assembly was set up as part of the Belfast agreement and uses devolved powers in the UK to decide on laws within its territory. From this site you can assess live coverage of the NI Assembly debates.

Scotland Parliament

Find out how the Scottish Parliament uses its devolved powers to make laws across its territory in the UK.

Assembly Of Wales

The Assembly of Wales can influence UK law and has certain devolved powers across its borders.