Car Accident Claim France

Car Accident Claim France: Can you explain why my motor insurer paid compensation for an accident in France which was not my fault?

Car accident claim France: two passengers in my vehicle were paid compensation by my motor insurer despite the collision which lead to their injuries being caused by a French driver?

UK Car Accident France / European RTA Solicitor Response

A car accident, which occurs in France can be commenced in the UK if an injured party is resident in the UK, but if the claim is made in France it is governed by French law and, although I am not a French lawyer, I believe that France operates to a certain degree a no fault system. This means that compensation is not dependent on showing fault – only injury.

Awards made under the French legal system are far lower than in the UK.

car accident claim France

Car Accident Claim France

What you should do if you are injured in a car accident in France

UK citizens travelling abroad or who have a road traffic accident abroad would benefit from taking the following steps:

1. Speak to a UK road accident in Europe specialist solicitor

Recent European law allows EU citizens to have a representative solicitor in their home country make a RTA compensation claim. In this instance if your accident happened recently a UK specialist European RTA lawyer could advise you about making a claim.

That lawyer may also be able to explain why compensation was paid out by your insurer to your passengers – this could be partly as French Law differs from the UK so far as road traffic accidents are concerned where compensation payments are not dependent on showing fault only that an injury has occurred. This is known as strict liability.

Click road traffic accident Europe to see the page I have written explaining when a UK solicitor can be used to help your claim compensation for a RTA in Europe.

2. Find a French lawyer who is able to speak English to help you with your car accident claim in France

Using the link below you can read an answer I have provided to a previous site visitors question about contacting English speaking French lawyers.

Click road traffic accident compensation claim France to learn how to contact an English speaking French lawyer to advise you about making a car accident claim in France

3. Contact the Motor Insurers Bureau in the UK to help you make a claim for a RTA in Europe

The MIB has a section which will assist you in making a claim from the UK for an accident in Europe under the green card scheme.

Click green card scheme to learn how the Motor Insurers Bureau can help with a UK citizen’s car accident claim France..

4. Car insurance claims in France decided differently than UK claims?

Safety of road users abroad and claims for a car accident injury compensation are very different than in the UK. One such difference that might be relevant to your claim is that of strict liability – in France motor insurers are responsible for paying compensation to passengers even if the driver of the vehicle they were travelling in was not at fault and did not cause the road accident.

Click accident car insurance so you can compare your experience of the obligations of a motor insurer for a car accident claim in France with that of one in the United Kingdom.

Free online legal help with your car accident claim france

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