accidents abroad

Accidents Abroad: Do you have any information on how to claim compensation for an overseas accident?

Accidents abroad victim question:

I had a car accident in Spain and wish to make a whiplash injury claim for compensation.

European Accidents Abroad Solicitor Response

There are four main types of accidents abroad – depending on which type of accident you have suffered will determine whether you need a UK solicitor or a Spanish solicitor to make your compensation claim:

accidents abroad

Accidents Abroad

1. Accidents abroad whilst on a package holiday

If your whiplash occurred whilst you were on holiday in Spain as part of a package holiday arranged in the UK – you will have a claim in the UK against the package holiday company.

I presume, as you have suffered a whiplash injury, that you were involved in some form of a road traffic accident in Spain.

This might have occurred during a transfer from the airport to your hotel or whilst using a hire car arranged as part of your package holiday claim.

If accidents abroad happen in some manner or other connected to a package holiday I recommend you have a specialist UK package holiday claims solicitor make your holiday accident claim on your behalf.

My site provides free assistance in various forms. If your claim was part of a package holiday I recommend you make use of the call back assistance.

Simply click overseas claims solicitor to complete and send a short confidential online form and a specialist personal injury lawyer will call you back free of charge to discuss your claim.

2. Road traffic accidents abroad in Spain or other country which is a member of the EU

If you are involved in a road traffic accident and you suffer injury, such as whiplash, in a country which is a member of the European Union and you are resident in the UK – you will be able to commence your whiplash injury claim in the UK.

Very few solicitors will have the expertise to assist you – but if you suffered injury as an independent traveller in Spain or other EU country please contact me using one of the links next to my photo at the top of this page.

3. Accidents abroad caused by a person or business resident in the UK

If your accident in Spain was caused by someone resident in the UK who was themselves on holiday or travelling abroad it is possible to consider making a compensation claim in the UK courts as it is if the accident was caused by a business who has a registered office in the UK.

If your accident can be traced to the UK – you should speak with a UK whiplash claims lawyer.

Click specialist UK overseas accident solicitor to discuss your Spanish accident claim with a specialist lawyer free of charge.

4. Accidents abroad when you are living and working abroad which cannot be connected to the United Kingdom

If accidents abroad are not connected to the UK in anyway – the claim is subject to foreign law and in the case of an accident in Spain it is subject to the law in Spain.  UK lawyers are not able to advise in relation to such accident claims as it is considered outside of their jurisdiction.

You must speak with a Spanish lawyer – but I would recommend a Spanish lawyer who is able to speak English. This will make communication much easier.

To search for an English speaking Spanish lawyer I recommend you use the British embassy website.

Using the link below you will be taken to the British embassy abroad website. Simply click on the country of your choosing – in this case Spain. You will come to a list of the locations in Spain of all the British embassies. Choose the one closest to you and that embassy will have a list of all the English speaking accident lawyers in the locality – you can often do this search on the British embassy website or alternatively telephone them for the information.

Click accidents abroad lawyers to search for English speaking lawyers in Spain who can help you claim accidents abroad compensation.