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British Embassies Abroad Help If You Have Suffered Personal Injury Whilst Overseas

Discover how UK citizens who suffer personal injury in an accident whilst overseas (or have other legal issues) can seek help from the British embassies abroad (located in the country where the accident occurred). We explain how some types of personal injury that occur overseas can be claimed from the UK and set out how you can find English-speaking overseas lawyers when you cannot claim from the UK jurisdiction.

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How can British Embassies abroad help if you suffer personal injury whilst overseas?

British Embassies are invaluable to British nationals or expats who need help whilst abroad.

Even if you do not live abroad, but have an accident whilst abroad – the British Embassy can still help.

Does the British Embassy supply contact details of English-speaking lawyers?

“Yes” – you can find details of English-speaking foreign accident lawyers from the British Embassy websites.

Each Embassy will ordinarily have a list of English-speaking lawyers by area of expertise.

Use the British Embassy English-speaking personal injury lawyer search facility. You can refine your search by country (and location in the country) to find contact details (including telephone numbers) of overseas lawyers that can help.

How do you find which country or foreign city has a British embassy?

Each British embassy has its own website, which in turn should have details of English-speaking foreign accident lawyers in the local area.

Use Locate An Embassy search to find a list of British embassies abroad with a link to each of the embassies websites.

british embassies overseas
British Embassies Overseas English-Speaking Lawyer

Can British embassies help you in other ways?

“Yes” – in addition you will find details of Visa information, British Visa application forms, United Kingdom Visa Requirements and other British Consulates in the UK.

What types of personal injury suffered overseas can be claimed from the UK?

Some types of personal injury claims can be made from the UK even if your injury was suffered an accident overseas.

Examples include:

Package holiday personal injury

Personal injuries suffered during a package holiday – can often be claimed from the package holiday was booked in.

European road traffic accidents

Some types of road accident that take place in Europe can be made from the UK. Due to Brexit – these tend to be the more serious types of road accident.

We look into these types of claim in more detail in our European road accident article.

Other types of serious personal injury overseas

When we do not have jurisdiction to help with a claim – we may still be able to put you in touch with an English-speaking lawyer that can help.

This might include accidents in the USA and Canada.

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You may not realise, but you could already have legal protection cover that could find and fund an overseas lawyer to help you make your personal injury claim.

If you have an accident overseas – we recommend you use our free online / telephone legal help.

If you can be helped from the UK – we will let you know and if not we will explain how best the British Embassy can help you proceed with a claim abroad.