British Embassies Abroad

British Embassies Abroad: Helping you with your compensation claim if you have suffered an accident overseas

Discover how UK citizens who have an accident or legal problem abroad can seek help from British embassies abroad located in the country where the accident occurred and how you can use this site to have a UK overseas accident solicitor contact you to see if it is possible to help with your accident claim from the UK.

How can British Embassies Abroad help you if you have suffered an accident abroad?

British Embassies are invaluable to British nationals or ex pats who need help whilst abroad.

You can find details of English speaking foreign accident lawyers on each of the British Embassy websites.

Even if you do not live abroad, but have an accident whilst abroad the British embassy can still help by putting you in touch with an English speaking lawyer.

How do you find which country or foreign city has a British embassy?

Each British embassy has its own website which should have details of English speaking foreign accident lawyers in the local area.

Use Locate An Embassy search to find a list of British embassies abroad with a link to each of the embassies websites.

British Embassies Overseas

British Embassies Overseas

Can the British embassies abroad help you in other ways?

“Yes” – in addition you will find details of Visa information, British Visa application forms, United Kingdom Visa Requirements and Other British Consulates in the UK.

Free online legal help with your accident abroad claim

Some types of accident can be made from the UK even if you suffered an accident overseas. These include road traffic accidents in Europe, serious RTA’s in the USA Canada and the rest of the world, injuries during a package holiday and other serious accidents which happen overseas.

Is you have an accident overseas I recommend you use the free online legal help my legal website offers. If you can be helped from the UK I will let you know and if not I will explain how best you can proceed with a claim.

See our overseas accident solicitor free online help to select from a list of options available to you, including asking an online legal question about your accident overseas or how to find a British embassy.