Sweden Accident Claim

Sweden Car Accident Claim: Whiplash Fracture Dislocation Concussion Back Disc Hernia

UK solicitor sets out how to claim from the UK if you have been involved in a car accident in Sweden suffering injuries such as a fractured wrist, dislocated finger, whiplash neck injury, lower back disc hernia, fractured knee patella and concussion.

Sweden road traffic accident victim question

I was a front seat passenger in a hire car driven by my wife. We are both reside in England and had visited some family in Helsinki in Finland, we flew to Sweden and hired a car to drive in Stockholm with a view to travelling to Gothenburg.

We were waiting at a junction in Stockholm when we were hit from behind by a van.

My wife speaks Swedish and at the accident scene the police attended and the van driver completed a police report form saying “Förlåt mig. Det var mitt fel”.

My wife tells me that this is an acceptance of liability as it means something to the effect of “Sorry, my fault.” This was pretty much confirmed by the Swedish police when we contacted them after the accident.

An ambulance attended at the scene and we were taken to a hospital in Stockholm and I was diagnosed with a fractured wrist, a dislocated index finger at the knuckle and whiplash to my neck. My wife was diagnosed with concussion, a fractured patella in her knee, whiplash to her neck and a lower back disc herniation.

We are now back in Ipswich in England and still receiving treatment for our injuries and would like to make a claim for compensation. How do we go about this?

European road traffic accident solicitor response

As your car accident occurred in Sweden, which is a member of the EU, both you and your wife can commence a claim for compensation for your injuries (fractured wrist, dislocated finger, whiplash, fractured patella, lower back disc hernia, fractured knee patella and concussion) from the UK.

In addition there might be a psychological element to your injuries, such as post-traumatic stress disorder, which should not be overlooked.

You will need a specialist European road accident solicitor to help you make your claim – there are very few with the expertise in the UK.

If you would like to proceed with a claim for your car accident in Sweden with a specialist solicitor or speak to me in person free of charge about your accident click Sweden Car Accident Claim.