T Bone Car Accident Claim: Whiplash Fractures Brain Damage PTSD Scarring

How to claim compensation for a serious car accident involving a T-bone collision at speed and how to determine the amount of compensation for brain damage, broken arm, fractured leg, back injuries, whiplash neck pain, shoulder injury, ligament damage, post-traumatic stress, broken finger and scarring.

T-boned car accident victim question

I was travelling along a main road in Cardiff having driven from Bristol. I was T boned at speed by a car which ploughed into me when failing to observe the give way sign from a side road.

The other driver was very old and ploughed straight into my passenger side at around 30 mph. I saw the car approaching, and realised a collision would take place seconds before it happened. There was nothing I could do to stop the impact as it happened at such speed.

I thought my car was on fire and I thought my wife, who was a front seat passenger, was dead. Thankfully she was only knocked unconscious. The police attended at the scene and an air ambulance took my wife and I to hospital.

The other driver was also badly injured.

My wife suffered brain damage from head injuries and has an injured neck and lower spine. She also has a broken left arm (her radius bone) and a fractured left leg (her tibia).

I suffered severe whiplash, middle (thoracic) pain and severe shoulder pain requiring cortisone injections in my left shoulder. A scan has shown ligament tears requiring surgery. I have a large gash on my right thigh, which I am told will leave a scar and a broken index finger in my right hand.

I suffer severe anxiety and stress if I am a passenger or driver. I have flash backs and my friends and family have commented that I seem a lot more withdrawn since the car accident.

Can my wife and I claim compensation and how can we determine how much our injuries are worth?

Car accident solicitor response

A road traffic accident involving a car being T – boned at speed can lead to serious injuries as you have described.

From your description – it seems clear that the other driver was at fault for the accident so the issue of liability should not be a problem. The crash damage, witness evidence and location report gathered by the police in the police report can be obtained by a RTA solicitor to prove liability should a dispute arise.

The issue of how much your claims are worth depends on a number of medical reports. You wife will need a report from a neurosurgeon, orthopaedic consultant to set out her head, back and fracture injuries. In addition there is likely to be a psychological reaction to these injures so a clinical psychologist report should be necessary.

You will need a report from an orthopaedic surgeon to describe your whiplash, back pain, shoulder pain and fractured index finer; a clinical psychologist report to describe what sounds like post traumatic stress disorder and possibly a plastic surgeon to describe the scarring from your gash.

Only on receipt of these expert reports can your claim be properly assessed for pain and suffering from the injuries. In addition accountancy evidence might be necessary to show all the financial losses, including lost income, both you and your wife will have incurred.

Car Accident Solicitor Online Assistance

Serious car accidents such as T-bone accidents require the expertise of a specialist car accident solicitor familiar with large value serious road traffic accident claims. To speak to me about claiming compensation for your injuries or to commence a claim online click T-bone car accident claim.