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Car Accidents Claim Guide: Compensation For Personal Injury, Vehicle Damage, Expenses And Legal Costs

Our claims guide provides an overview of our car accidents claims articles setting out how drivers. passengers, pedestrians and other road users can claim compensation for injuries and expenses involving a car collision; how to determine fault and compensation amounts for all manner of injuries which can be caused in a road accident.

How To Use Our Car Accidents Claim Guide

All our articles relating to car accidents are listed below under headings grouping the articles together under different aspects of the claims process.

Select the type of car accident you were involved in (bold headings act as a link) and you will be taken to our article setting out all you will need to know about how to claim compensation for all your injuries, expenses and losses as well as how much you can expect to claim.

The Essentials Of Car Accident Claims

Simple ways to know who is at fault for a car accident RTA.

Types Of Car Accident Compensation

The types of expenses you can claim and amount of compensation which can be recovered for whiplash claims.

Compensation Amount For All Body Parts

Find out how much compensation you can claim for each type of injury you can suffer in a car accident.

Types Of Accidents Involving Cars

Accident In A Taxi

How to claim compensation if you are a taxi driver or a passenger in a cab injured in a road traffic accident.

Car Accidents Caused By Family Member

Find out when you are entitled to claim for a road traffic accident caused by a family member or friend and how motor insurance will pay your compensation.

Car Accident Claim Scotland

Found out how to determine the amount of compensation you can claim for injuries in a Scottish RTA including: whiplash, neck injuries, back pain, shoulder problems and a fractured sternum.

Car Collision Whiplash Claims

Find out in a question and answer session how best to claim whiplash compensation and obtain free online specialist RTA lawyer help with your car accident claim.

Car Driver Injury Claims

Discover when a car driver can claim compensation for injuries, when a car driver will be considered legally at fault for a car accident and responsible for paying others compensation – includes motor insurance and compensation amounts.

Drunk Driver Car Accident

Find out how to claim compensation if you are involved in a car accident with an uninsured drunk driver.

drunk driver pedestrian injury
Drunk Driver Pedestrian Injury

Emergency Vehicle Accident

Find out when motorists and pedestrians can claim compensation in the event of a collision with a police, fire brigade or ambulance vehicle. Includes injuries to employees and passengers in the emergency vehicle.

Hit And Run Accident

Find out how you can claim compensation from the Motor Insurers Bureau if you are injured in a hit and run accident when the driver is untraced or uninsured.

Manchester Car Accident Claim

How to claim compensation if you are involved in a car crash or other RTA in Manchester city centre of Greater Manchester.

Mini Roundabout Accident Liability

Find out how your solicitor will use the court process to win your claim for whiplash compensation following a crash on a mini roundabout in the UK.

Mobile Phone Car Accident

Find out why your claim is likely to be successful for a car accident caused by a driver distracted using a mobile phone, radio, in car entertainment or eating and drinking.

Motor Vehicle Accident In An EU Country

Find out how to select the best country to claim when you have had a motor accident in an EU country.

Motorway Accident Claim

Discover the dangers of travelling on motorways and dual carriageways in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland with a description of how to claim compensation for the most common motorway accident claims.

Pedestrian Crossing Accidents

Find out when pedestrians who are injured on pedestrian crossings can claim compensation and how passengers in a motor vehicles can also make a claim.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Claim

Find out what you must experience in an accident before you can be diagnosed with PTSD, includes a link to examples of compensation amounts.

Rear End Shunt

Discover what a rear end shunt is and how to show legal responsibility for the particular collision you were involved in.

Roundabout Accident Claim

Find out how to prove liability for a crash on a roundabout and the evidence you need to verify your version of events in the vent of a dispute with the driver at fault.

Running A Red Light

An explanation of the UK traffic light colour system and how to show that a failure to observe a red light caused your injury so you can win a compensation claim.

School Crossing Claims

Find out why your child is entitled to claim compensation from the local authority if an accident occurs on a road in a place patrolled by a lollipop man.

Seat Belt Injury

Discover how your compensation can be reduced due to contributory negligence if you fail to wear a seatbelt in a RTA and the types of injury you can suffer in a car accident.

Specialist Road Accident Personal injury Solicitors

Advantages Of Using A Specialist Car Accident Solicitor

Discover why it is essential to use a specialist RTA solicitor to help you claim compensation and how to ensure you have no legal expense in making a claim.

Manchester Car Accident Claim

Find out why you should contact a RTA solicitor as soon as you are involved in a road accident, the geographical areas Manchester solicitors can claim compensation on your behalf and how much compensation you can claim for whiplash, neck and back injuries.

Without Prejudice Settlement For A Road traffic Accident Claim

Discover the implications on your motor insurance of a without prejudice settlement in a car accident claim and why you should give express permission to your RTA solicitor before your claim is compromised in this way.

Funding Your Claim For Compensation

No Win No Fee

How to ensure that you have a funding arrangements that ensure you do not have to pay your solicitor’s legal costs in making your road traffic accident claim.

Summary Of Our Car Accident Claim Guide

In our guide we have set out all the steps you need to know about claiming compensation for injury in car accidents in the UK or the EU.

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