Car Damage Passenger Compensation: Could you tell me who pays compensation for damage to my car caused by a passenger in another vehicle?

Car damage caused by passenger: I was driving past a car that had pulled in to the side of the road when the front seat passenger opened the door hitting the front wing of my car causing damage.

I have comprehensive insurance.

Car Accident Solicitor Response: As the damage to your car was caused by the act of a passenger in another vehicle – the process to recover UK compensation is as follows:

car accident compensation solicitor

Car Accident Compensation Solicitor

1. Claim on your comprehensive UK motor vehicle insurance policy

The cost of repair, even to something as small as the wing of your car, can be quite expensive.

When you claim you should notify your insurer how the damage to your car was caused.  The insurer will require you to pay the excess on your policy, which will be refunded to you when the claim against the person at fault is resolved.

2. Your motor insurer will claim its expenditure from the person responsible for the car accident

Your vehicle insurer should claim all its expenses from the person who has UK motor vehicle insurance, the passenger or both – either way it will be the other motor vehicle insurer who will ultimately pay for the damage to your vehicle.

3. Recovery of the excess your have paid on your car insurance policy and preservation of your no claims bonus

Your motor insurer should freeze any no claims bonus you may have until its claim from the person at fault is concluded.  If the claim is successful your excess will be refunded and your no claims bonus reinstated.

4. Leave the details to your vehicle insurer’s UK legal department

You do not need to be concerned with the logistics of what exactly happens between your motor insurance company and the other driver’s insurance company. Once your no claims is reinstated and your excess repaid you can rest assured that the accident claim is resolved.

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5. Discuss your car damage passenger compensation claim with me or another specialist RTA solicitor free of charge

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