Club Accident Claim

Club Accident Claim: UK Solicitor sets out how to claim compensation for accidents and injuries in nightclubs, bars and clubs

Club accident claim: Find out the most common ways workers and customers are injured in bars and pubs; how to show legal fault if you have been assaulted or suffered an accident with an explanation of compensation amounts for all manner of night club accident claim.

What are the most common club accident claims?

Many different types of injuries can be suffered in drinking establishments such as nightclubs, bars and pubs. If the injuries are caused as result of legal fault of another a club accident claim for compensation can be made.

night club accident claim

Club Accident Claim

Some examples of club accident claims include:

1. Accidental injuries to customers

Some of the most common accidental injuries which occur to customers in night clubs, bars and pubs include slipping accidents due to drink spillages on the floor from other customers or members of staff.

Other common injuries include cuts from broken glasses and other drinking vessels or injury from defective bottles, etc.

2. Assault and acts of violence by customers to other customers

If you are attacked by someone else in a bar or club this is considered a crime of violence. As such criminal injuries compensation is available so long as the police have been involved and you have attempted to assist the police in whatever way possible.

3. Accidental injury to members of bar staff

If you work in a club, bar or pub – your employer should protect you from accidents by keeping the work environment safe from slips on spillages or injury from other work equipment including dangerous club fittings or sharp glass wear, etc.

If you work in a bar you will also be exposed behind the scenes to other work equipment, including dish washing and glass washing facilities and other potentially hazardous equipment.

As with any work place an employer must keep employees safe at all times and this duty is very strict.

4. Assault of members of staff by customers

If you work in a bar or club there is quite often a risk of physical or sexual assault from drunk customers. As you are in your work environment a duty is owed by your employer to keep you safe – even from the risk of criminal acts which might be common in your job.

If a criminal act does occur – as well as there existing a potential claim from the criminal injuries compensation authority you might well have acclaim from your employer.

You have two years from the date of an incident to commence a claim with CICA and three years from the date of an incident to make a club accident claim from your employer

5. Customer assault by door staff / bouncers

Door staff, informally known by the term “bouncers”, should be properly selected employees, such staff are regulated to ensure they do not have any criminal convictions, etc. It is a common complaint by customers that over zealous door staff have man handled them or assaulted them.

If you feel you have been subject to assault by door staff at a nightclub, bar or pub you might have a claim from the owners of the drinking establishment or alternatively from the criminal injuries compensation authority.

How do you prove legal responsibility for your club accident claim?

Club accident claims primarily fall in to three different categories: accidental injury to workers, assault or other act of violence and customer accidents.

I have written pages explaining how to show legal responsibility for each type of club accident claim.

1. Click accident at work to see how to show liability for injury to employees in the work place.

2. Click criminal injury to see how to make a claim for criminal injury compensation or an act of violence.

3. Customer slipping accidents and accidental injuries in bars are classed as occupiers’ liability or public liability claims. As a lawful visitor to a club, bar or pub the business owners of the club and the owner of the building (if different) in which the club is housed owes you a duty to keep you safe at all times, whilst on the premises.

This will include ensuring that any spillages are cleaned up immediately and that surfaces on which you are walking or dancing are not overly slippery.

An employer should also have in place a system of inspection to quickly identify any spillages, to cordon them off to ensure you are not exposed to the risk whilst cleaning is in progress and have members of staff ready to clean to ensure your safety.

Glassware should be inspected to be safe and if faulty drinking vessels are supplied which are cracked or damaged in some way, which can cause you injury it is likely that the owners of the bar will be held legally responsible for your injuries.

How much is your club injury claim worth?

The amount of compensation your club injury is worth is based upon the type of injury you suffer.

Click compensation amounts to see a page I have written setting out how much compensation you can claim for all manner of injuries to all of your body parts.

Summary of the club accident claim page

On this page I have set out how to make a club accident claim for all manner of injuries to workers and customers in bars, pubs and nightclubs.

Click club accident claim to ask me an online question or speak to me direct if you wish to make a club accident claim following injury in a nightclub, bar or pub.