Spinal Injury Claims

Spinal Injury Claims: The types of accident that can cause injury to your spine with examples of how much UK compensation you can claim

Spinal injury claims solicitor describes the what the spine is, the types of accident that can cause injuries to your neck and spine with examples of the amounts of compensation you can claim.

What is the spine?

This might seem a very obvious question to answer, but it is worth noting that the spine extends from the neck all the way down to the coccyx and is made up of the spinal cord, vertebrae and discs all of which can be injured in an accident.

There are also various muscles, tendons and soft tissues surrounding the spine which when injured can be referred to as a spinal injury.

What are the common types of accident which can lead to spinal injury claims

There are many different types of accident which can lead to spinal injury claims. So long as someone can be found at fault for the accident that caused your injury a claim can normally be made.

Remember – you may not think someone is at fault, but if you have had an accident it is worth speaking to a specialist solicitor as you may not realize that someone is at fault as a matter of law even if it might not be apparent to you.

Some of the common types of UK accident claim for spinal injury include:

Spinal Injury Claims

Spinal Injury Claims

1. Road traffic accident spinal neck injury claims

An injury to the spine is very common in all manner of road traffic accident – whiplash neck injury in a car collision being perhaps the most common example.

Although whiplash commonly affects the muscles and soft tissues in the neck – it can also affect the cervical spine (which is at the top part of the spine in the neck).

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2. RTA / motor cycle lumbar spine injury claims

Such large forces come to play in a road traffic accident, especially those involving high speeds or large vehicles such as buses or trucks, that damage to other parts of the spine is common. The lumbar spine – which forms the lower part of the spine can often be badly jolted and injured.

3. Work accident neck and spine injury claims

The type of work that your employer can expect you to undertake is so varied – there are all manner of ways your spine can be injured.

A manual labourer can be expected to shift heavy weights all day which can cause significant back injuries including a prolapsed disc and cracked vertebrae.

Click accident at work to see the process for claiming compensation in a workplace spinal injury accident claim.

4. Slip trip and fall spinal injuries

Gravity can be a formidable foe, which you will undoubtedly know if you have tripped unexpectedly and hit a concrete floor. Whether you have fallen on a pavement or slipped down some stairs – back injuries can be common especially to the older person.

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5. Sporting spinal injuries claims

Sport can often lead to injury – rugby, horse riding and skiing being some of the worst culprits.

If the injury was caused by disregard to the rules or by negligence of the organizers or referees you might be able to claim compensation.

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6. Clinical negligence spinal injury compensation claims

Regretfully, even doctors can make mistakes and operations to correct spinal problems can go wrong and lead to accidental injuries.

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How much compensation can you recover for spinal injury claims?

In UK law it not how the injury your spine is caused, but the nature and severity of the injury which decides the amount of compensation you should be entitled to recover.

The amount of compensation will vary and can only be accurately assessed by a solicitor looking at the exact circumstances of your case. However, examples of various different types of spinal injury claims and compensation amounts calculated in 2019, include:

1. Whiplash injuries

Click whiplash compensation to see examples of how much damages compensation you can claim.

2. Lumbar spinal injury claims

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3. Severe spinal injury claims

In the worst cases of spinal injury claims paralysis can be caused – a lot depends upon the nature of the paralysis, but claims for this type of injury can attract up to £354,000 for the pain and suffering element of the claim alone.

Damage to the spinal cord can affect many different parts of the body – including the bladder which can increase the amount of compensation you can expect to claim. A spinal injury with bladder, bowel or sexual performance difficulties can cause a compensation calculator show your claim worth: over £65,000

Spinal injury claims solicitor page summary

On this page you have discovered that the amount of compensation for spinal injury claims depends on the nature of the injury to your spine and not how it was caused – together with an explanation of the amounts of compensation you can claim in the UK.

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