Spinal Injury Claims

Spinal Injury Claims Payouts Calculator: Back, Neck, Coccyx Damage

in this article we bring together all of our various articles setting out the amounts of compensation you can claim for spinal injury. This might be spinal injury in the neck, back (mid to lower spine) or coccyx (base of spine).

The compensation payout you receive is usually dependent on the type of spinal injury you experience – not the type of accident that caused the injury. However, recent changes in the law have meant that compensation for whiplash type injuries in certain types of road accident may attract lower compensation payouts than if the same injury was suffered in another type of accident (such as a work accident).

We look at the different ways your spinal injury may be caused and the effect this might have on the amount of compensation you receive.

Payouts Table For Spinal Injury Claims In 2023

Spinal InjuryClaim Payout
Neck£2,500 – £131,000
Back£2,500 – £161,000
Coccyx£2,200 – £24,000
Paralysis£219,000 – £404,000
Road Accident Whiplash£240 – £4,345
Sexual Function
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What is a spinal injury claim?

Your spine extends from your neck all the way down to your coccyx and is made up of the spinal cord, vertebrae and discs (together with various muscles, tendons. ligaments and soft tissues within and surrounding the spinal column).

Should you suffer a spinal injury in an accident, or as a result of some other form of negligence, you may be entitled to make a spinal injury claim for monetary compensation for pain, suffering and financial loss and expense your incur as a result of your injuries.

This claim is made against the person or business considered legally at fault.

Remember – the person at fault will usually have some form of liability insurance to cover any claims for compensation. For example – an employer will have employer’s liability insurance (to cover work accidents) and shop business will have public liability insurance (to cover personal injury experienced by customers on the premises).

Watch out – you should always speak to a specialist solicitor if you suffer a personal injury. You may not realize that someone is at fault as a matter of law and a solicitor can guide you on the issue of liability and whether you have a claim.

Does the basis of valuation for compensation differ depending on how your injury was caused?

The basis of valuation of compensation for pain and suffering caused by spinal injury was once all the same, but recent changes in the law introduced a tariff (fixed compensation system) for certain types of accident.

Work injury to highway slips and trips

Up until 31 May 2021 the basis of valuation was the same for all types of accident / personal injury claim – whether at work, on the roads, in a shop, highway slips and trips, etc.

Road accident claims

However – since the 31 May 2021 some types of road accidents that cause neck, back and shoulder injury (with symptoms of up to 2 years) have a different basis of valuation.

Road user protected by the metal cage of a vehicle

Generally, if you are in a motor vehicle when your accident happens you are considered protected by the motor vehicle’s metal cage. The government took a view that to avoid exaggerated claims and to protect motor vehicle insurers from excessive payouts – the basis of valuation of compensation for whiplash type injuries (if you are in a motor vehicles when the accident happens) should change to a reduced tariff (fixed payment) system.

Vulnerable road user – pedestrians, motor bikers, cyclists, etc

However, if you are a vulnerable road user (such as a pedestrian, cyclist motorcyclist, etc.) the basis of valuation remained the same as other types of accident.

We delve into these changes (and which types of road accident it affects) in our road accident whiplash payouts article.

Criminal injury claims

The basis of valuation for compensation for criminal injury claims has long been different than that for personal injury claims.

Spinal injury (as all other injury types) in criminal injury claims made via the CICA are subject to the criminal injuries tariff scheme. This effectively pays a fixed lower sum than you would have received in a normal personal injury claim.

spinal injury compensation claims
Spinal Injury Compensation Claims

Clinical negligence compensation claims

Regretfully, even doctors can make mistakes and operations to correct spinal problems can go wrong and lead to accidental injuries. The extent of spinal injury that is attributable to medical negligence will depend on an independent medical expert report – distinguishing what damage was caused by negligence and what may have already been in existence warranting medical intervention.

Clinical negligence compensation is only for what was caused by the clinical error, but other than that teh valuation will be the same as for other accidents.

In our medical negligence compensation we set out how to claim compensation for clinical negligence.

How much compensation can you recover for spinal injury claims?

The nature and severity of the injury to your spine will largely determine the amount of compensation you should be entitled to recover. We have already looked at at different accident types that could also affect your compensation payout.

We provide you with a brief summary of payout amounts and link you to our detailed articles giving a breakdown as to how these compensation payouts are calculated for each type of injury.

Payout amounts for spinal injury claims coming to a conclusion in 2023, include:

Neck Spinal Injury Payouts

Our neck injury compensation payouts article describes all manner of neck injuries from minor to severe. The range of compensation payouts you can expect is between £2,500 – £131,000.

Back Spine Injury Claims

See our back injury claim payout article for full details of injuries to your thoracic and lumbar spine. For injuries from minor to severe – your compensation will be calculated between £2,500 – £161,000.

Coccyx Claims

The coccyx is the fused bottom part of your spine. See our coccyx compensation payouts article for more details. Injury to your coccyx can lead to a spinal injury claim of between £2,200 – £24,000.

Paralysis spinal injury claims

In the worst cases of spinal injury claims – paralysis can be caused. A lot depends upon the nature of the paralysis. Our paralysis injury claim article – describes the different types of paralysis and how compensation is calculated for each. However, as a general guide you can expect a compensation payout between £219,000 – £404,000.,

Road Accident Whiplash Injuries Lasting Up To 2 Years

Changes in the law for claims from the 31 May 2021 are described in our whiplash compensation payout article. Whiplash claims affected by the tariff scheme for injuries to neck, back and shoulder lasting up to 24 months will be calculated between £240 – £4,345.

Bladder, bowel, sexual performance and psychological damage

Damage to the spinal cord can affect many different parts of your body. See our bladder injury payouts, bowel injury claims, sexual performance difficulties. and psychological damage articles for details on injury types and payout amounts.


On this page you have discovered that the amount of compensation for spinal injury claims depends on the nature of the injury to your spine and in some occasions how it was caused. We provide links to our detailed articles dividing the spine to different parts – with an explanation of the amounts of compensation you can claim for injury to each part.

Should you experience a spinal injury you may wish to speak to one of our specialist solicitors free of charge to have any questions you may wish answering before deciding whether to make a claim.

We offer free telephone and online specialist solicitor help to spinal injury victims and their families.