Male Reproductive System Injury Claim

Reproductive System Injury Claim: How to calculate the average compensation payouts awarded to males for sterility, impotence and testicle removal

Reproductive system injury claim: Discover the different types of injury a male can have to his reproductive system (click female reproductive system compensation to see an article on compensation amounts to the female reproductive system), why compensation payouts for males and females is calculated on a different basis with average compensation payout amounts for sterility, impotence, an orchidectomy / testicle removal and loss of complete reproductive system.

Reproductive System Injury Claim

Reproductive System Injury Claim

What is a reproductive system injury claim?

If you are involved in accident, have an industrial disease or suffer from clinical negligence the function of your reproductive system might be lost or damaged.

If someone is legally at fault you should be able to make a reproductive system injury claim: a claim for compensation for pain and suffering due to the damage caused and financial loss and expenses as a direct result of your injury.

Does the amount of compensation you can recover depend on whether you are male or female?

“Yes,” the amounts of compensation you can claim for damage to your reproductive system will depend on the injury sustained, which will be very different for a man and a woman.

This article deals with the male reproductive system. Click female infertility claim to see the article setting out how to calculate the compensation amounts for an injury to a female.

Compensation calculator for your pain and suffering for different types of reproductive system injury claim

1. Sterility Compensation Claim Amounts

If the damage to your reproductive system is sterility this will mean that you are not able to have children.

Compensation can be wide ranging depending on whether you are a family man intending to have children, whether there are complications with impotence and whether there is traumatic injury aggravated by scarring.

The amount of compensation you can claim will be calculated between: £5,800 – £123,000

2. Impotence Reproductive System Injury Claim Calculator

Impotence describes the inability in a man to achieve an erection and/or ejaculation. How much compensation you can recover depend on your age, psychological reaction, whether your impotence is permanent, whether it is total impotence, etc.

The average payout amounts your settlement would achieve is between: £37,000 – £130,000

3. Orchidectomy / Testicle Removal Compensation Payouts

An orchidectomy (also known as an orchiectomy) describes a surgical procedure in which one or both of your testis are removed.

The average payout amounts depend on your psychological reaction, whether one testicle or both are removed, whether is impotence, loss of sexual function or whether there is a total loss of reproductive organs.

Your reproductive injury claim would be between: £17,500 – £135,000

Male reproductive system injury claim summary and legal help

On this page you have seen what a reproductive system injury claim is, how compensation amounts vary between male and females with compensation payout examples for sterility, impotence, testicle removal and loss of with whole reproductive system.

If you would like to discuss your experience with a specialist solicitor in person or to access this website’s free online assistance (including asking an online question) click male impotence claim.