female fertility claim payouts

Female Fertility Claim Payouts: Compensation Calculator For Reproductive System Injury

We calculate female fertility compensation claims for different types of injury you can have to your reproductive system. We discuss infertility, failed sterilisations, that can affect fertility with average payout guides for compensation settlements for infertility, unwanted pregnancy from a failed sterilisation and delay in diagnosis of an ectopic pregnancy.

Male Reproductive System Injury
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Payouts Table For Female Infertility Claims In 2023

Our payouts table gives compensation amounts for pain and suffering in all manner of female fertility claims.

Fertility Claim IssueCompensation Payouts
Failed sterilisation£10,000
Ectopic pregnancy£3,400 – £20,500
Older woman
£6,600 – £18,700
Already have children
£18.000 – £37,000
Younger woman
No children already
£56,000 – £71,000
Sexual dysfunction
£43,000 – £102,000
Most severe infertility
£115,000 – £170,000

What is a female fertility claim?

A female fertility claim is a claim for compensation for injury sustained to a female’s internal or external reproductive sex organs that effect her ability to have children.

Some person, body or business must be shown to be legally-at-fault Some examples of causes of reproductive system injury include – accidents ( for example – road accidents and work injuries). medical negligence and industrial disease,

Female Infertility
Infertility describes a woman’s inability to become pregnant.

What factors influence the amount of compensation you can claim?

The amount of compensation that you can claim for female reproductive system injury and fertility claims will depend on a number of factors, including:

  1. Whether you already have children.
  2. Whether you intended to have further children
  3. Your age – the younger you are the greater your perceived damage.
  4. Psychological impact.
  5. Associated medical complications.
  6. Scarring.
  7. Hormonal effects
  8. Sexual dysfunction – such as effects on desire or orgasms.
  9. Organic pain

Compensation amounts for female reproductive system injury claims

The amounts of compensation you can receive for fertility, infertility and injury to the female reproductive system, include:

Failed sterilisation compensation

Claims for a failed sterilization leading to an unwanted pregnancy will typically lead to a compensation payout of approximately £10,000.

Delay in diagnosing ectopic pregnancy

Delay in diagnosing an ectopic pregnancy causing pain and suffering. Bleeding may be present (requiring a blood transfusion), psychological reaction may be significant, removal of a fallopian tube may be necessary.

Should both tubes be removed then infertility would be caused and higher compensation amounts set out later would apply.

The compensation payout your female fertility claim would be calculated between £3,400 – £20,500.

failed sterilisation ectopic pregnancy claim
Failed Sterilisation Ectopic Pregnancy Claim

Infertility in an older woman

Where infertility is caused, but due to age teh woman would not have had children in later life – the fertility claim payout would be calculated between £6,600 – £18,700.

Infertility when you already have children

If you are a woman who suffers infertility, but you already have children. You do not suffer sexual dysfunction. Your compensation award will be between £18,000 – £37,000.

Infertility for a young person without children

Should you be a relatively young female with no existing children – your infertility claim payout will be between £56,000 – £71,000.

Infertility with sexual dysfunction

Should you have infertility, but children already or be too old to have children. You may suffer medical complication, sexual dysfunction and need surgery. You compensation settlement will likely be between £43,000 – £102,000.

Most severe infertility claims

In the most sever infertility claims that may be caused by industrial disease, be in a younger person, lead to scarring, medical complications, severe depression, sexual dysfunction, etc. Your female fertility claim would be calculated between £115,000 – £170,000.

We appreciate the sensitive nature of female fertility claims. Foe this reason – we offer specialist solicitor free help. You can discuss your situation online or over the phone, ask a question and have your potential claim assessed..