taste smell injury claim

Taste Smell Injury Claim Calculator: Payouts For Loss Of Your Sense Of Taste Or Smell

Taste smell injury compensation claims – what are they and how much compensation can you claim for loss or damage?

Find out how your sense of taste and smell both form part of a body chemical sensing system – which will often mean the loss of one sense can affect the functioning (or even loss) of the other, with solicitor calculations of how much compensation you can claim for damage to these two senses, including loss of either sense and damage and loss of both taste and smell.

2023 Payouts Table For Loss Of Smell Taste Claims

Taste Smell InjuryClaim Payout
Loss of taste£19,000 – £25,000
Loss of smell£25,000 – £33.000
Loss of smell, &
Compromised taste
£33,000 – £39.000
Total loss of smell, &
Total loss of taste
Approx. £39,000

What is your sense of taste?

You are able to taste when chemical substances make contact with your nerve receptors which transmit an impulse to the brain, which interprets them as tastes of different kind.

The taste receptors are in your mouth (on your tongue), in the back of your throat and in your nasal cavities.

What is your sense of smell?

Your sense of smell is based on odours being detected by receptor cells at the back of the nose. This information is sent to your brain via nerves in the olfactory system.

loss taste smell claim
Loss Of Taste Smell Claim

Are your senses of taste and smell linked?

“Yes” – both senses of taste and smell are linked through your body’s chemical sensing system.

It is therefore very often the case that injury to the chemical sensing system can have an effect on both your sense and smell.

Examples of compensation amounts for injury to / loss of taste and smell

Below are examples of amounts you can claim for pain and suffering should your sense of taste and smell be damaged or lost in an accident (or as a result of some other form of negligence).

Please note, in addition to the compensation for pain and suffering you can claim for your taste smell injury a further sum for your financial losses (known as special damages).

Loss of your of sense of taste average claim payouts

The amount you can claim for loss of your sense of taste would be calculated between £19,000 – £25,000.

Loss of your sense of smell

If you have lost your sense of smell – your claim payout would typically be calculated between £25,000 – £33,000.

Loss of your sense of smell with also a significant impairment of taste

The compensation payouts you can recover for the total loss of your sense of smell coupled with a significant damage to your sense of taste would lead to taste / smell injury compensation amounts of between £33,000 – £39,000.

Injury compensation calculator for total loss of both taste and smell

The average payout you could expect for pain and suffering for a total loss of both senses of taste and smell would calculated at around £39,000.

SUMMARY Of Sense of Taste And Smell Injury Claim Compensation

In this article you have seen how to calculate the amount of compensation you can claim for injury to and loss of your senses of smell and taste.

To discuss your specific accident circumstances direct with our solicitors, ask an online question or have your taste smell injury claim assessed – see our specialist solicitor telephone / online free help.