railway injury compensation

Railway injury compensation claims process guide for injuries on trains, the London underground and the rail network infrastructure

This claims process guide is an index our articles setting out how to claim railway injury compensation for the many different types of accident you might have involving a train. You might suffer injury as a passenger on a train, you might be a rail employee injured at work; you could experience an accident at a train station, as a result of level crossing error, train track defect, points failure  trains losing the track,  collision with vehicles, power supply failure.

Our articles also look at who is responsible for rail network across the UK and the London tube system.

Railway Injury Compensation Index

Our articles are set out under convenient headings with a brief description of the article contents and a link to take you to our detailed article.

Passengers, Members Of The Public And Worker Injury

Rail Accident Claim

Discover who is responsible for the rail system in the UK (including the London Tube) and how to claim compensation for injury whilst using or working on the railway infrastructure.

points failure rail injury compensation

Points Failure Rail Injury Compensation

Level Crossings

Level Crossing Accident

Find out what the different types of level crossing are together with the most common types of accident you might experience that may allow you to claim compensation for injuries sustained.

Railway injury compensation specialist solicitor free help

We have a number of specialist solicitor free online / telephone help options – you can ask a question online, arrange a specialist solicitor callback or have your potential railway injury compensation claim assessed, all free of charge.