eye injury claim exploding supermarket fruit juice bottle

Eye Injury Claim: Exploding Fruit Juice Bottle From Supermarket

UK product liability solicitor explains how to claim compensation for an eye injury from an exploding fruit juice bottle which was purchased in a supermarket

Eye injury victim question

I purchased a bottle of fruit juice from the local supermarket and when I got home I was attempting to open the cap when the bottle exploded blasting the cap into my right eye.

I couldn’t see out of the eye and my wife took me to hospital where I was diagnosed with a significant eye injury including deteriorating eye sight, double vision, sensitivity to bright light and headaches.

The hospital informed the Health and Safety Executive as to what had happened and also the supermarket.

I have since contacted the supermarket, who put me in touch with the manufacturer. The manufacturer has accepted legal liability.

Can I claim compensation for my eye injury and if so what is an average payout I can expect?

exploding supermarket drinks bottle

Exploding Supermarket Drinks Bottle

Product liability solicitor response

The type of claim you have against the manufacturer of the fruit juice bottle is known as product liability.

You need only show that you suffered injury as a result of a defect with the fruit juice bottle and you will be entitled to claim compensation for the pain and suffering for your eye injury and for any lost income as a result and any future lost income.

As liability is accepted – the issue of liability seems to be dealt with.

To calculate the average payout you can obtain – you should contact a specialist product liability solicitor who will instruct a medical expert – an ophthalmologist,, to complete a medical report as to the exact nature of your eye injury and the likelihood of any future problems including deterioration in your eye sight which you might suffer.

Based upon this report – your solicitor can compare cases decided by the courts in the past for similar injuries and in that way determine the amount of compensation you are entitled to claim.

In addition to compensation for pain and suffering for your injuries – you are entitled to claim for lost income, medical expenses, travel expenses to and from your GP, assistance in the home from friends and family and any other financial losses as a direct result of your accident.

Online specialist solicitor assistance with claiming compensation

If you would like to make a claim for your eye injury or wish to discuss your accident from a defective fruit drink purchased in a supermarket – see our product liability solicitor free online help options to commence a claim online, to arrange a free specialist solicitor call back or to ask an online question.