product liability injury claims

Product Liability Injury Claims: Compensation For Injury From Defects With All Manner Of Products

Product liability describes the duty on a producer to ensure a product provided to the consumer is safe. Should an accident occur causing personal injury as a result of a defect with a product – it is likely you will be able to claim compensation.

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We provide links to external legal statute – laws that set out the standards of products expected in the UK.

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How to claim compensation for injury from a defective product

Defective Product / Packaging / Instructions Injury Claims

Find out how to claim compensation for injury from a defective product. We look at claiming if it is the product’s packaging or instructions that lead to your injury. We describe the law that your solicitor will rely on to prove your claim.

Product liability claims Q&A / FAQ

Product liability injury claims articles are set out on this page under category headings.

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Baby Products

Milk Burn From Defective Baby Bottle: How Much Compensation?

Household Appliances

Faulty Fridge Causes House Fire

Medical Equipment

Medical Accident Claim: Failure Of Medical Equipment
defective ladder product liability injury claim
Defective Ladder Product Liability Injury Claim

Supermarkets & Shops

Eye Injury Claim: Exploding Fruit Juice Bottle From Supermarket
Glass In Beef Burger Injuring Tooth & Throat
Stone In Supermarket Biscuits Causes Tooth Damage

In this section you will find links to legal information that will assist a compensation claim for injury caused by a defective product

Use our external links to statute (law) that set the requirement of product safety standards and support a claim for injury from defective products in the UK.

Consumer Protection Act 1987

The CPA 1987 sets out who is responsible for a defective product in the UK and imposes strict liability when an injury is caused.

The General Product Safety Regulations 2005

These regulations replaced the The General Product Safety Regulations 1994 and amended the Consumer Protection Act in relation to product liability for accident claims in the Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

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