Medical Accident Claim: Can I make a UK medical accident claim for the failure of medical equipment?

Medical accident claim: A stent was put into my throat whilst I was being treated for cancer. A stent is a medical device designed to keep the throat open to allow me to be fed whilst I was being treated.

The stent failed which resulted in me contracting pneumonia Рthe treating consultant confirmed that the stent was faulty and provided me with a letter from the manufacturers admitting the defect with the stent and I am now considering a medical accident compensation claim.

A: You can make a UK medical accident claim for compensation, but your claim is more likely to be a product liability claim than a medical negligence claim.

You should consider the following before making a claim:

medical accident claim

Medical Accident Claim

1. Did any medical negligence take place that led to your medical injury?

From the description you have given it does not sound that your treating consultant was negligent. It sounds like the medical equipment, the stent, was defective and the consultant who fitted it did not do so improperly.

This would have to be investigated in full to ensure this is what happened, but the fact you have a letter from the manufacturer admitting the stent was defective would on the face suggest that the consultant’s treatment was not to blame.

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2. Who can you make your UK medical accident claim against?

The defective medical equipment is the responsibility of the manufacturer, so your UK medical injury claim should primarily be made against the manufacturer direct. In the letter you have – the manufacturer has accepted fault and so your claim should proceed smoothly.

3. Which solicitor should you use to make a medical accident claim for defective medical equipment?

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4. Free online assistance in choosing a top UK medical accident claim solicitor

I will gladly assist you in choosing the best medical accident solicitor to make your claim in the United Kingdom and speak to you in person or have another specialist solicitor contact you free of charge to discuss your medical product liability claim.

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