Car Accident Compensation Claim: How can I win my UK road traffic accident claim when my car was hit by a drunk driver?

Car accident compensation claim: I was hit by a drunk driver on the left side of my car as he was coming out of a side road, he admitted responsibility and gave me all his details and his phone number; now he is denying responsibility – claiming he did not cause the damage.

It has gone on for 3 months now and I don’t know what to do to win my car accident compensation claim.

Car Accident Claim Solicitor Response: The scenario you describe is actually quite common for many car accident compensation claims.

car accident compensation claim

Car Accident Compensation Claim

The guilty driver suggests resolving the matter without the need to involve insurance companies or solicitors. That person then behaves evasively and goes on to deny liability leaving the innocent driver, like you, in a scenario. The answer for you is quite simple though:

1. Notify your insurance company of your UK car accident compensation claim immediately

You should always notify your insurance company as soon as an accident happens. If you have comprehensive insurance your insurer will pay for the damage to your vehicle, subject to your policy excess, and automatically claim the money it spends from the driver at fault or his motor insurance.

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2. Involve a specialist UK road traffic accident solicitor in making your car accident compensation claim

You have already found that the guilty driver has delayed by 3 months and is hoping he can avoid paying your due compensation. It is absolutely essential that you involve a specialist UK car accident solicitor in making your claim and you will find that winning your claim will be quite straight forward.

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3. Paying the legal costs of your UK car accident compensation claim

You may have some form of Legal Protection Insurance Cover on your motor insurance policy that will pay your legal costs in making a claim; alternatively you may have suffered personal injury, such as whiplash, and so long as your personal injury compensation claim is worth over £1000 you should be able to claim your legal costs as part of your claim.

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4. Free online assistance to win your car accident claim for compensation

By clicking on the link below you can complete and send a short confidential online form, which will allow you to benefit from a number of free services my website provides, such as contact from a specialist traffic accident solicitor to discuss your claim.

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