Road Accident Claim Online Q&A: Specialist solicitor detailed answers to site visitor and accident victim questions

In our road accident claim Question & Answer / FAQ section you will find our specialist solicitor legal answers to questions asked by site visitors and accident victims injured in a RTA in the UK and Europe.

The questions cover all manner of motor vehicle accidents, pedestrian compensation, motorcycle claims, bicycle injuries, emergency vehicle collisions, and much more.

You can either click one of the photos below (with a brief summary next to the photo) to see our detailed answer or see our road accident compensation article for our condensed index page setting out all of the questions under convenient topic headings with a link to the detailed answer.

Compensation Claim Process Guide – Start To Finish

See our road traffic accident claims process guide for the detailed process of claiming road accident compensation – from beginning to end, starting with the practical steps you should take immediately following your RTA.