Road Traffic Accident Compensation

Road Traffic Accident Solicitor Explains How To Claim UK Personal Injury Compensation Following A Collision Involving A Motor Vehicle

Discover in order all of our articles setting out the road traffic accident claims process in the UK. Articles are written in plain English and answer the typical questions that you will have about making a claim for personal injury compensation as a result of road accident.

Headings are used to describe the stages of the road traffic collision claims process and group related pages together; each page ends with a link to the next page I recommend so as to follow the RTA claims procedure in sequence.

road traffic accident

Road Traffic Accident

On each page you view you see related pages in the left and right hand margins of the page. In the left a summary of the RTA claims procedure with links to appropriate pages and to the right you will find links to answers I have provided to road traffic accident victims frequently asked questions.

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If you have just been injured in an accident on a road or from someone’s use of a motorised vehicle – I recommend you follow each heading in order on this page – you will be taken through everything you need to know to make a claim for compensation: starting with what you must do immediately following your road accident and ending with how to choose the best UK personal injury solicitor to make your RTA claim.

If you are already involved in claiming personal injury compensation – I suggest you read through each heading below, click on the link that is of most interest and you will be taken to the page I have written describing the part of the claims process you have chosen with a link to the page which will tell you what to do next.

The Immediate Steps Following Your Road Traffic Accident

Road accident claim

Find out the practical steps you should take immediately following a RTA to ensure you receive the correct medical treatment for your injuries, your motor insurer has been informed of your accident and you have as much evidence as possible to support your compensation claim.

Motorcycle accident claim

The information you can rely on to prove how your road traffic accident happened, so you can win your RTA compensation claim.

Details that should be exchanged at a motor accident scene

A legal obligation exists to provide certain details at the scene of a road accident where injury occurs or there is vehicle / property damage – discover what details must be exchanged, who is entitled to receive those details and the criminal offences that can occur when information is not properly provided.

Showing The Driver At Fault Is Responsible In The Eyes Of The Law

Car accident claim

Discover the step by step process to show a driver is legally responsible to meet your car accident claim for compensation

Motorbike accident claims

How to decide who is responsible for a motorcycle accident claim, includes contributory negligence and 50:50.

Motorcycle accident compensation

Common motorbike accidents with a description of who is at fault for each. Includes how your compensation can be reduced.

Specific Types Of Accident Victim

Cyclist Injury Claims

Find out the different types of accidents involving bicycles – how you can claim and when your compensation can be reduced.

Cyclist Accidents Law

See the relevant sections of the Highway Code and laws use  to establish who is at fault in a  the cyclist accidents law relied on to prove fault.

Passenger Injury Claims

When passengers can claim compensation in many different situations and how compensation can be reduced for contributory negligence.

Starting Your UK Road Traffic Accident Claim

Motor vehicle accident

Find out how to claim compensation for a UK road accident and how long you have to start your claim before it is too late in the eyes of the law.

Accident car insurance

Discover all about UK motor vehicle insurance – using the example of accident car insurance – you will learn why vehicle insurance pays your compensation claim following a road traffic accident and how you can claim even when the driver at fault has no motor insurance in place.

Road accident compensation

The new faster procedure in England and Wales to claim compensation for injury and financial loss in a road traffic accident when liability is conceded by the driver’s insurance company in writing.

How Much UK Road Traffic Accident Compensation You Can Claim

Traffic accident compensation

The different types of road traffic accident compensation you can claim with tips on how lawyers calculate the amount of compensation your personal injury claim is worth.

Car accident compensation

What are the most common expenses you can claim in a road traffic accident with examples of how much compensation you can receive for various types of car whiplash injuries.

Motor bike accident

Discover the most common types of injury you can suffer in a motorcycle accident – with examples of the amounts of compensation you can expect to receive for each.

Choosing The Best Road Traffic Accident Solicitor To Start Your Claim

Personal injury lawyer

Discover how to choose a top personal injury solicitor to make your claim, how to check your lawyer’s level of expertise and the things you should be careful of before signing an agreement.

No Win No Fee

Learn how no win no fee agreements can allow you to claim compensation without paying your solicitor’s costs together with a description of why you may already have insurance policies in place that are able to fund the legal costs of your claim.

Summary of the RTA claims process

Road Traffic Collisions

You will find a brief summary of the road traffic accidents claim process with link to frequently asked questions and answers.

Road Traffic Accident Page Summary

This page gives you the benefit of my 20 years + experience as a specialist personal injury solicitor by guiding you through the UK road traffic accident claims procedure in England and Wales with links to lawyers in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

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